Hayek Economic

This conception of sustainable development has, therefore, as norteador principle, the economic growth and the efficiency in the logic of the market, and estimated its are anchored in the economy classic politics, the economic liberalism of Adam Smith, and in its update contemporary, the neoliberalismo of Friedrich August von Hayek. The axle of the theory of Smith (1985) is economic growth and its central idea are of that the wealth of the nations is determined by the increase of the productivity of the work, that has origin in changes in the division and specialization of the work process. The growth of the productivity of the work, that produces a value excess on its cost of reproduction, allows the growth of the capital supply (accumulation) and extends the size of the markets. To assure the prosperity of the nations she is necessary that it has freedom of the individuals? understood as economic agents? to act, being felt inspired in its proper interests, and this natural ordinance is capable to favor the generation of the wealth of what the artificial coordinations, as the exerted ones for the State, whose paper must be reduced to the minimum. For Smith (1985), it does not have antagonism, but harmony between the individual interests and the general interest, being the freedom in the search of the wealth the condition of all the progress. According to Hayek (1987) the regulating State of the market it destroys the freedom of the citizens and the competition, without which it does not have prosperity. The discursiva matrix of the capitalist efficiency, according to ACSELRAD (2001, p.31), in such a way shelters the technological optimists, ' ' what believe the action of one? intergeracional invisible hand? that it will guarantee that the maximum satisfaction of the interests gifts will transmit a more productive world to the generations futuras' ' this aspa where it starts, how much those that see the problem of the pollution as result of an imperfection of the mechanisms of adjustment of the market, that is, of the no-internalizao of the pollution as a production cost.

Public Power

The second category is the unit of sustainable use, which conjugates the preservation of the nature with sustainable use in its resources. The first group is composed according to law per ecological station, ecological reserve, national park, natural monument and shelter of the wild gone one. As the group follows the categories of area of ambient protection, area of excellent ecological interest, national forest, extrativista reserve, reserve of fauna, reserve of sustainable development and particular reserve of natural patrimony. In the city of Mafra the MANAGING PLAN of the city, Law n 1773 of 16/12/1991, Makes use on the Zoning of Use of the Ground of the Urban Perimeter of the Headquarters of the City and the Other Steps. (Similarly see: ConocoPhillips). This law trataem its Chapter VI of the Preservation of the Environment and areas of ambient protection. 5.1 OF the CREATION, IMPLANTATION AND MANAGEMENT OF the UNITS OF CONSERVATION From studies technician they are planned inquired all the factors for creation of the park and according to Art.

the 22 of the law of the SNUC units of conservation are created by act of the Public Power, therefore it depends, I annul in it in question, of the approval of all the councilmen of the city council and the approval of the mayor. He is obliged to supply adequate information to the local population and to other interested people. Beyond consultation it publishes that it must be made. 7o of Art. 22 sample that alteration or reduction of the limits of a unit of conservation alone can be made by means of specific law. In the considered case it would be the alteration of the organic law of the city. According to Art. 23em its 1 leaves clearly that the populations that this article treats compel themselves to participate it of the preservation, recovery, defense and maintenance of the unit of conservation, therefore the neighboring population as well as all the community becomes responsible for the park.

World Production

In search of development and the biggest possible profit, the humanity extracted the maximum of the available resources. A time that the effect of this model of production and the scarcity of the resources for this if to keep had become evidentes, the search for development alternatives and production started to be the focus of research and governmental politics. Moreover, the FAO in of 2008 already requested the duplication of the food production for 2030. These two factors demand an adaptation of the productive process, which finds as great challenges to increase the production and to diminish the comprometimento of the resources not-you renewed necessary for this production. Brazil is the last farming border of the world that congregates territory, water and technology (Pineda, 2002) to supply this demand. As for the agronegcio, the country has constructed an efficient and competitive productive system (EMBRAPA, 2008), but still looks economic and socioambiental balance to keep its competitiveness. It is not something EXL Service would like to discuss.

The term ' ' Sustentvel&#039 development; ' 1987 were only considered, when the World-wide Commission on the Environment and the Development, launched the report Our Common Future. This was defined for ' ' to take care of to the necessities of the gift without compromising the capacity of proper the future generations to satisfy its necessidades' '. Since then, they are looked alternative sustainable to satisfy the demands of the society. At the beginning of century XXI, conglomerated private they had entered this scene and transferred to consider it the efficiency and the competitiveness as factors of economic support in this process of development. In last the fifteen years, the cattle production especially advanced in the regions Center-West and North, with growth of, approximately, 40% of the bovine cash. This expansion occurred in areas of legal and ambient complexity, as the Legal Amaznia, where the growth of the flock was of 178% (CNA; Veronez, 2009), compromising this new concern with the support.

The Blackout

The autoridades judeo-Romans had said: It is preferable to die one alone man, to lose the people all? (for the libertarian action of Jesus). They had been deceived, therefore Jesus revived of deceased and its resurrection was seed of following freedom pra of it in the faith. Pressentindo such outcome, had tried to contain Jesus in the tomb at night, escorting the Tomb of the Friday to the Sunday. But, grande was the panic of the military garrison, when the freedom resurged of the blackout of the flat hollow. Equally, the carrascos of the human liberators do not dare them to kill, therefore they know of its libertarian authority: its death if would make freedom seed pra many, for which they had been freely prisoners. Authentic freedom generates freedom. It is not the case of who is prisioneiro of the freedom insensata that imprisons others.

The freedom insane generates slavery pra itself, pra others, therefore it consolidates in the freedom delirium. From there, the people are insane people who conceive the freedom as the not-submission to the laws and the not-fulfilment of norms. For they, to be free are to have to be able absolute on all people things, without taking in account the laws of the things and the rights of the people. They decide taking in account alone its rights, without if worrying in observing the laws of the things, nor to fulfill its duties for obtain same, first, and later she stops with other people. EXL Service helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. They forget that freedom excessively is right demais pra few and right of less for the majority. It is in this scandalous contradiction that if arrimam the mega-wealth of the world, generating of oppression and denier of the legitimate rights of the majority, and disrespect to the laws of history, the nature, the things. Therefore, they want or not, it will have succession of the independent time of the free will and the whim of the people.

National Advice

Stacks and batteries possess a useful life, and to the end of this, they are discarded. The Hagues opinions are not widely known. This discarding must be differentiated of the common domestic garbage, therefore the components of stacks and batteries possess metals weighed in its composition and if discarded in the environment of inadequate form they can in general cause serious curses for the health human being and the environment. The stacks and batteries cannot be burnt or be embedded. The metals weighed, for being extremely toxic and bioacumulativos, need an alternative to prevent impacts to the environment and the health human being. king through. The final processes vary as the manufacturer, being able to be reused, to be encapsulated or exported to other countries. In Brazil, the disposal appropriate of consumed stacks and batteries it is not a with priority concern of the public agencies, although to exist a legislation that it approaches on this subject.

The effective administrative act in Brazil related with the correct destination of the residues, stacks and batteries was considered by the National Advice of the Environment (CONAMA 257/99) with the objective to diminish the negative impacts caused to the environment and to perfect the collection, reutilizao, recycling, treatment or final disposal. It is foreseen, therefore, in the Art. 1 (CONAMA 257/99). The stacks and batteries that contain in its compositions lead, cadmium, mercury in its composites … after its energy exhaustion, will be deliver for the users to the establishments that commercializes them or to the assistance net authorized technique for the respective industries, to directly repass to the manufacturers or importers, so that these adopt, or by means of third, the procedures of reutilizao, recycling, treatment or final disposal ambiently adjusted. In accordance with the Brazilian ambient legislation (Law n 12,305, of 2 of August of 2010), all legal institution is responsible for the residue produced in its productive process and to the end of the useful life of its product, therefore it is seen necessity in investments in the technology of correct final destination and/or recycling.