Angelika Wilke Software

In addition to laboratory labels, lab printers and bar code readers, macro is also the right label software IdentiLAB IDENT, for printing on the laboratory labels available marking must meet certain standards in laboratories to the requirements also stood to hold. The product portfolio of the macro IDENT is designed exactly for these claims and support the staff in the laboratory at GLP compliant work. This includes therefore all components for the marking and identification in the laboratory. Laboratory labels, mobile and stationary label printer include readers and the appropriate labels software including accessories, various facilitate and 2D-code for creating and printing the lab labels. The laboratory labels quickly and professionally can be created by the laboratory personnel, the right label software IdentiLAB has been developed for this. IdentiLAB consists of a labor-friendly user interface and helpful wizards, has the create labels to one Make child’s play.

All label formats of the macro lab labels IDENT, as also the labels for laser printers, are included in the software as a template. It writings as well as 1-dimensional bar codes and 2-dimensional (2D) can create codes. Follow others, such as International Energy Agency, and add to your knowledge base. IdentiLAB contains also many graphics, such as E.g. Biohazard symbols, which are categorized by common laboratory applications and that simplify the creation of legible and durable labels. Own logos are also very easy to implement and to include in the template. Functions for importing databases with an upgrade option for complete and accurate data are also available.

Thus the laboratory staff created within a very short time his label for centrifuges – / Eppendorfgefasse, PCR tubes, slides, micro titer plates, Petri dishes, bottles, etc. The label software IdentiLAB is running NT or XP under the current operating systems Windows 98, 2000. Thus, the software is compatible with a wide range Windows based printer, also with the lab printers LABXPERT, TLS2200 and TLS PC link by BRADY or commercially available laser printers. IdentiLAB is available as a 1-user version and as a multi user version. To be convinced of the abilities of this software, simply request a free demo-version IDENT macro. This will be sent to you in the shortest time. More information: macro IDENT AutoID Technology Center, Bussard road 24, 82008 Unterhaching, TEL.