Body Rays

When somebody makes to function the fan (that it works under the electric chain action), and speaks for nipples 9 or 10, then a draft opens valve 14 and follows exactly with the sounds emitted in 9, through pipe 15. The sonorous waves, with the draft, are projected for the funnel (16) on baffle (17), and for this they are stimulated for front, inside of the body of part C, that also it is crossed interior by the complex luminous beam proceeding from the source (18). In 17, I show a quartz plate, adequately suitable and susceptible of adjustment for the screws (24). The 18 are a luminous source, of preference an arc light bulb, whose light is rich in violet rays. In 19, this a mirror, consisting of a back (20), that it can be metal or glass, and of parabolic form, so that it only reflects actinic or violet the rays. I do not limit myself to this species of light, or the indicated ways to become its parallel rays, or to the ways special to eliminate all the radiations are of the bands of the violet or actinic rays, therefore any ways can be used since that they produce violet or actinic rays, or the intensity increases them.

For backwards of the mirror and at intervals in return of the body of the transmitter, it has ventilation openings (22 and 23) being the last one provided with bulkhead (26) for prohibition of light. The related body it is formed of two parts (110 and 111) – (108 and 109) these having functioned together byally telescope. The quartz plate (17) can be substituted by other substances that can deviate the sonorous waves and not only are at the same time, ressoantes, but still they allow the ticket of the violet or actinic rays of the light. The sonorous waves brought by the draft that arrives, are projected against the baffle (17), through the funnel (16).