Civil Code

However, the groundwork nebezgranichen. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as HCL Technologies by clicking through. National standards, which are now consistent European, define the scope of scs within 50-50 000 users and one million square meters. m of office space. As you can see, all the disadvantages of scs to reduce the high cost of their design and installation, which significantly exceeds the cost of mounting computer and telephone networks separately. "So when it comes to small spaces where the load of communication is low and the prerequisites to its increase does not exist, we recommend our clients to limit cheaper installation of telephone, computer and signaling networks – individually, without integrating them into a single structure – says Alexander Davidchuk, deputy director of the Civil Code "AM-Center".

– However, for larger rooms with multiple entry points to the costs of design and installation of scs is fully repaid during their operation due to the exceptional reliability of structured cabling systems and the simplicity of their operation. Not forget the fact that the capacity of autonomous computer and telephone networks entirely incommensurable with structured cabling systems. The capacity of scs on the background of traditional networks simply enormous. Therefore, already at the design stage scs everything is done to the need for subsequent repeated modernization did not occur. " All of this does not mean that the sca did not lend themselves to modernization during operation.

Rather, they provide ample opportunities for further integration of devices of various types in the existing system. Attracts and ease of creating new entry points. In this case, the dislocation existing jobs can be freely changed and employees have the opportunity to freely move within the building without having to change personal data (addresses, phone numbers, passwords, access rights, classes service, etc.). Creating a network infrastructure takes several weeks to several months. Contractor shall perform design and installation of scs, performs testing, detects and eliminates hidden defects. "The above category system, so to a greater extent the quality of networks depends on the installation of scs – explains Davidchuk Alexander, deputy director of the Civil Code "AM-Center". – To fully realize the potential of scs, is required to ensure minimum imbalances symmetrical pairs in the process of mounting connectors withstand the bend radius for cabling, to prevent constriction of wire harnesses. There are many rules that are obligatory to respect the competent installer. In particular, the voltage drops are extremely undesirable for local area networks (LANs). In the process of assembling network power cables are laid parallel to the low-current, and the need to maintain a minimum allowable range of joint seals, as well as take into account many other details. On request, we are testing and certification of sca. Testing can confirm the quality of installation of scs, to identify latent defects, to ensure smooth operation of network protocols, to ensure compliance. ha "AM-Center conducts work in the area of scs on the basis of standard EIA/TIA-568V (cable lines and components Category 3 and 5e), using equipment such manufacturers as Rittal, Zpas, Siemon, Hyperline, Defem, dkc et al. All stages of creating a structured cabling system – design, installation and testing of scs – have equivalent value. At each stage, in the case of non-professional approach, you can lose the achievements of previous phases. The human factor is able to negate the benefits of advanced technologies and equipment. But there are insurance and from this factor. The recipe is simple: if you want to get a predictable result – trust the professionals.