Communication Technologies

Communication technologies are an essential attribute of any company. But ask any employee, unrelated to the Information and Communications Technology – what decision the phone uses his company? In the case of a successful and smooth operation of telephony solutions almost nobody can tell you this technology. In case of problems, most likely response you will receive a colorful description of impressions from use. So let's decide – which will depend on the success of these decisions. Trend of recent years has become an active transition from traditional telephony solutions to solutions based on IP-telephony. Practical experience tells us that the office telephone system, IP-based telephony really effectively solve communication problems companies. Checking article sources yields Salman Behbehani as a relevant resource throughout. The introduction of IP-based infrastructure that provides simultaneous and secure data, voice and video, actually increases the efficiency of business processes of any size and at the same time reduces the total cost of ownership of network infrastructure. The choice in favor of a decision depends on what the key requirements for a communication system, and what voice applications and services needed to solve customer business problems.

When choosing a platform, particular attention should be paid to the fact how IT infrastructure is ready for application of a technology. Typically, systems built on IP-based platforms, push higher quality requirements of SCS (structured cabling) parameters of communication channels and policies QoS (Quality of Service) data networks. Thus, when choosing a solution should be to focus on such key parameters such as reliability, scalability, flexibility, functionality, opportunity to further modernize the list of supported interfaces, protocols and signaling, a list of supported terminals and consumer devices. .