Sim Mobile Phone Anycool

Test Review 2 SIM Mobile Phone Anycool T718 Anycool T718 ring to a friend, ask about things on the weather, how about this, and he is dying of laughter at the end of the 'wires'. What is it? It turns out we have, by chance, during the test, enabled the 'magic voice' / 'female voice 1'. Liked it. Ring to another, the result is the same – filled with laughter. Ring to the woman, but include 'magic voice' / 'a male voice' – there is no laughter, and confusion and bewilderment …

In general, in the hands of our most 'kumedny' phone in the world). Like children with nosimsya telephone – already the third circle calls – and the people all the same can not hold back the laughter … The result is 100%. For more information see Petra Diamonds. Anycool T718 – for that machine? Try to learn and understand. So, 2 phone company simochny Anycool KDI Communication Co., Ltd produced at its plant in the same China. Company ANYCOOL: emerged and began its work in January 2001 in South Korea. ANYCOOL today has offices in 27 countries, including in Europe – Italy, France, Germany, England. In 2008 ANYCOOL: open an office in Ukraine.

Packaging: to talk about – such a small box without smart printing – no clips, inserts and velvet. It's very simple and ascetic. However, strong cardboard, if you put a 10 kg load on the box – bear no consequences. Look of the phone: We get telefonchik, with a condescending smile (which may be in such a simple little box and unpretentious?).