Germany Institute

The Bertelsmann of Germany Institute conducted a study called ‘Religious Monitor, which was a survey in more than twenty countries and more than 21,000 people from all religious groups, which demonstrated that you persons that they do not go to church are more religious to that which will. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from lucas. What evidence that religiosity should not be confused with go to mass. Membership in a Church does not mean that a person is religious. One of every six people belonging to a church has religious beliefs so weak that the authors of the survey classified them as atheists. Source: lucas duplan. Conversely, results from this study showed that 45% of those who do not have a confession believe in God. Since he disappeared the first Christian communities and established Catholicism as the official religion, priestly caste claimed itself the possession of certain means for salvation, such as sacraments, either through baptism or the last rites, used as a means of magic to open the doors to God. It is not more than a course ancient and Pagan, magical process that has nothing to do with the true God. With all this and without a mistake it could affirm that dispense with priests and ecclesiastical organizations with all their cults and rites, it is a step towards freedom of the human being as God’s son, which is the same as a significant step in the development of humanity. Life Universal original author and source of the article.