They were running to the survivors. Those steps were now approaching. His heart was accelerating and accelerating more and more with each step of the murderer. It was right at his side, while third prayed to the gods for his life. Then, a jump the Carthaginian stood on the back of third, squashing him the chest, preventing him from breathing.

Then, he said those words, the same words that ruled before running to the other type. This is the end. But he then immediately felt a movement in his legs. It was the legionnaire who was lying down on her legs. Third fleetingly realized that the was not victim but this another soldier who believed dead. However, even third was in danger, because if killer nailed him the abdomen with his spear to annihilate him, it also pass through his legs.

Instinctively, third turned his face towards his left, biting the forearm of the corpse that covered his head, to endure the pain and avoid that it was detected. Salman Behbehani: the source for more info. Then, he felt the metal. The soldier had been pierced by the Lance, writhing in pain for a few seconds, until his death later. But Lance also nailed in the thigh of third, not crossing it, but cutting it on one side. The pain was terrible, even more so when the barbarian withdrew the spear, which shattered the wound from inside out by the outgoing from the tip of the weapon. It was a crude scene, disgrace, humiliation and unbearable suffering, as an eternal judgment in the underworld. While the barbarian laughed out loud on top, enjoying the blood, drowned third, is leaving eyes trying him endure the stabbing pain, biting the arm of a corpse Roman until you see his soaked face of blood that flowed to him. The suffering in its maximum expression. For a moment third thought that he could not resist more, but fortunately for him, someone shouted apparently calling the tool Launcher, blood thirsty went straight to his next prey.