Documentary Software

In recent years, the majority of the systems departments has tackled some documentary technology project. Budgetary adjustments to those who have been subjected the CIOs as a result of the difficult economic situation and the need for a rapid return on investment, found in the roots of this technological commitment. Reasonable costs of such projects and the productivity gains obtained from its implementation, have also favored the takeoff of the documentary software solutions. But, to ensure the continuity of your success and advancement of the providers of these products, it is necessary to look to the future and continue to innovate. DocPath, company capital 100% Spanish specializes in the development of software solutions documentary, has brought together its experts to perform an in-depth analysis to determine what trends will mark the evolution of this technology in the coming years.

These are his five proposals: solutions more intuitive: the documents have become the main vehicle of communication between companies and their customers. Hence increasingly are more users who have to use applications to design and document generation. Not having a technical profile, the tools that employ in their work should be more intuitive, agile and simple. Increase in outsourcing: Although companies have their own departments of systems, outsourcing has become a very common practice when we talk about software for document management. Through outsourcing, organizations can focus on the focus of your business and ensure the quality of a critical service for them. New trends in mobility: smartphones, tablet PCs and netbooks have overset all expectations of consumption. Its massive utilization in enterprises continue to increase and may give rise to new uses in regards to the documentary software.

For example, capture signatures through digital devices You can significantly streamline internal processes of certain companies. Smart Storage: the world generates a volume of information per second near the 400 GB and all the forecasts point to that this volume will continue to grow at a rate of 50%. All providers are trying to find smarter ways of storage for resolving a problem that is increasing and in documentary software will not be the exception. ECM growth: according to the consultant PwC in 2020 80% of the documentary software market revenue will be generated through Enterprise Content Management Services. A trend that has already begun to emphasize and which very soon will have more force than the digitization of documents. In the coming years the documentary software market will experience a strong revolution and each one of the trends that we have selected will contribute to this situation occur. Be attentive to the needs of customers, the technological developments that will appear and bet by innovation will be the key to success, concludes Julio Olivares, DocPath founder and President.