Espirito Santo

I eat alive sacrifice, the God, It goes to take ownership of our will and will start to act in us. As well as proper justice it is the enemy greater of true justice, the proper will of the human being is enemy opponent and of the will of God. We will only be full of the Espirito Santo, if in them to empty of ours I (of our proper will), if not to arrive the God and to deliver our wills, desires and our rights It, never will know true the meaning to be full of the Espirito Santo. Pablo remembers in them that: (II Corintios 5:14) – Because the love of Christ in constrange, judging we thus: that, if one died for all, then all had died. Credit: Accenture-2011. (II Corintios 5:15) – and it died for all, so that the ones that live do not live more for itself, but for that for them died and revived.

(II Corintios 5:16) – As soon as daqui for ahead to nobody we know according to meat, and, despite also let us know Christ according to meat, however now already we do not know it in this way. (II Corintios 5:17) – As soon as, if somebody is in Christ, new creature is; the old things already had passed; here it is that everything became new. This means that Jesus died for all the ones that in it believe, and all that believe in Jesus die for the sin and the system of the world, that is contrary to the teachings of Jesus. Soon, in that we live (who believes in Jesus and practises, everything what the Bible teaches), cannot more life for we ourselves (to satisfy our wills, dreams and desires), must live for God and to make the will Of it. What they are old things and what is all new? The Christian has that to change its total life.