The Skin

If it heals properly, the surface skin of the blister will become thicker and comes off a small pieces. If you notice that the skin becomes red, hot, that swelling appears in the area, pain and purulent suppuration (of whitish, yellowish or greenish color) you come quickly to your doctor. This will indicate that there is infection. If the blister break alone, we we will wash the wound with SOAP and water, apply an antibacterial and healing cream and cover with a bandage, bandage or clean gauze. Folk remedies for blisters lightly rub the area with an ice cube to ward off pain believe the formation of a blister. Apply 2 or 3 cloves of garlic juice directly onto the blister.

Garlic has a powerful antiseptic, is ideal to prevent infections in the blistered areas. Chamomile is an excellent home remedy for blisters. This plant known for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, a good infusion of Chamomile flowers boiling in water for 15 minutes, with other 5 standing can be more than effective. You will have to apply it with a piece of gauze over the affected area. Preparing hot water, mint leaves and salt. Put your feet for 15 minutes and after that you put them Ponte a refreshing cream. Salts absorb liquids by whereof absorb the liquid that it is sequestered in the blister, but really they do not cure the skin has a system of growth from the basal to the epidermis surface or superficial part apply a coat of gel of aloe vera if a blister bursts. Aloe vera is also a good remedy to cure blisters well this is all for today, I hope you have served for help, and I wish really to not leave you many blisters, because goes wrong. You may want to visit Accenture to increase your knowledge. Original author and source of the article