Green Notebooks

As always Apple going forward at all. With its new family of green notebooks they have really done a product ecological and highly recyclable. These are the attributes of these new green apple notebooks. Judge you if you have reason Apple consider which are the greenest notebooks on the planet: many toxins were eliminated: Apple has worked hard to eliminate many of the toxins that are a common part of notebook manufacturing. For example, both the mercury used in CCFL backlights and arsenic content in the glass of the LCD screens, were removed by Apple engineers. They have also removed the circuir ye of boards, PVC large amount of internal cables, connectors, insulators, adhesives, and more. Apple has removed these toxins from MacBook computers, and they have done equal to their screens of film LED, in the iPod classic, iPod touch, iPod Nano and iphone 3 G.

It is highly recyclable: the casing of the MacBook is formed from a single piece of solid, recyclable, aluminum replacing dozens of parts strange. The screen is made of recyclable glass. Both materials are approved and highly recommended by the recyclers, since it means that the raw materials used in the new MacBook can be reused in other products. It makes an efficient handling of the energia:debido that Apple makes both the software and hardware for the MacBook can design them to work together. This allows you to make a smarter product that uses less electricity, earning the energy star certification. For example, to reduce energy consumption, the Macbook decides what CPU or GPU processor is best to efficiently perform a task. The processor is even designed to save power between the blows of keyboard when a person meganografia.

This MacBook is so eco-friendly that it can function with just a quarter of the energy of a single light bulb. Much smaller packaging: new MacBook packaging is the up to 41 percent smaller than the previous generation. And smaller boxes are much better for the planet. Because smaller boxes mean that more boxes can fit in each platform shipping, up to 25% more. Which means that more products will fit on each boat and each transport aircraft. This translates into fewer vessels and aircraft, resulting in fewer CO2 emissions. It is just a change seemingly minor. But it has a significant positive impact on our environment.