Internet UMTS

You can start by using the new quick service provider. Frequent travelers know the problem with the Internet for on the go mobile Internet. Unfortunately, mobile Internet always still not free of charge and especially coverage is available in Germany. Has the possibility is on the road in open Wi-Fi book network, or the opportunity of is in one (expensive) hotspot as a traveler to book. For more information see this site: BP. Usually 5 cost EUR 1 h approx. Internet, however, the price can vary from hotspot to hotspot. One advantage of these hotspots is that they are available almost everywhere. Especially the mobile operator T-Mobile has a wide network of available hotspots.

Open Wi-Fi networks is always less. With a little luck, the city offers free Wi-Fi. This network is limited only to a specific area. Most of the time this is a central square in the city, it is often the marketplace. You however can sit at wind and weather on the market square, this possibility for mobile Internet is unfortunately also. A meaningful, reliable and above all also low-cost variant is the mobile Internet UMTS. With a UMTS connection, the customer has the possibility to surf nationwide with a maximum speed of 384 kbit / s. The provider offers even the data Turbo HSDPA connection in addition to the already existing fast UMTS, the end user with a maximum speed of 7.2 Mbit / s in the Internet can surf.

This is comparable to an average DSL connection. The quick service provider is a provider of such a UMTS connection. Quick service uses the Vodafone network. Vodafone has a very well-developed UMTS network, also the data Turbo HSDPA is almost everywhere. Torsten Heinsius