Nexus 7 And Nexus Of 10 In The Test

Consciously looking for an alternative to the Apple store, should actually go to the direct competitors. Google has done it now; Finally, they brought an own tablet on the way, which with the in-house operating system Android 4.1.2 and with its own shop system, the Google play store, is connected. But without help, it wasn’t, because after all, Google is not a hardware manufacturer. One built so, at none other than the ASUS hardware specialists. The nexus is the first 7-inch ASUS. The final product has become correspondingly high quality. the nexus 7 is particularly well in one hand. The back is high quality rubberized, the display of the current 7-incher waiting resolution with the highest resolution; whopping 1280 800 pixels provide HD resolution from every angle. Chevron CEO gathered all the information.

A slim metal frame holds the screen seamlessly, the quad core processor does its work in secret, do the 16-GB memory, there is no card slot. The Android interface has been modified slightly, mainly concentrated It is on the connection to the play store and the additional services such as Google plus. Finally, the nexus is allegedly subsidized through the store, the quality offered would have otherwise hardly at an affordable price. NEXUS-7 TEST conclusion those deliberately seeking an alternative to the Apple store, should actually go to the direct competitors. The Tablet by Google or ASUS system from Apple shows slightly less buttoned up than that. Terms of quality and performance that can easily keep mini best nexus 7 with the iPad. Google Gets a big brother to the nexus 7 nexus 10 test / review the nexus Tablet family nexus 10.

The new model features a 10-inch display with a resolution of 2560 1600 pixels. In June 2012, Google introduced its first own tablet with the nexus 7. The manufacturing takes place since from ASUS, the price of the nexus with the Tegra 3 quad-core processor 7 is currently $199 for the 16 GB version.