Kristina Bach

In addition to their own albums, she want there increasingly devote the young. Because only a few know what Kristina Bach makes many years Mission is to promote talent. So 1992, discovered the singer Michelle and led to the success happen. pop star Jeanette Biedermann followed in 1996. All ointments of success come from Jeanette penned by Kristina Bach. Now, she helps the group “The cappuccino” on the legs.

Here she wrote almost all songs and the augurs of the pop world be truly great in the German music market. Kristina Bach has retracted achievements almost for two lifetimes. In addition to numerous ECHO nominations the artist was awarded among others the “Golden fork”, the “Silver Muse” and the “Golden microphone”. Each of its 14 albums could be in the German sales charts, the top place 100 for several weeks. A real sensation was her entry in the “US-Billboard charts” with her interpretation of the title of the musical “Phantom of the Opera”, where they could assert themselves several weeks in the top 20. Also on “diary of a chaos Queen” Kristina Bach with igniting Schlager hits, convinced the text as musical draw their own world.

Starting with the title song, which provides insight into Bach’s normal everyday Madness with funny and affectionate wink with the happy realization that your partner fortunately governs the chaos world for them. A look back and at the same time forwards granted the emotional, honest song “you were once my husband”. Love, happiness, dispute, disappointments and at the end of the divorce, this story also fills the “diary of the chaos Queen”. At the end, the desire is but they are again gives hand and remain good friends. Another potential single candidate is the happy love song “I’d like unreasonable”. Who looks after the hit sound of tomorrow is here found. Pop, dancig and equipped with a catchy sing-along chorus of the song is an example of the high quality of the modern Bach’s songwriting. The song “A Sunday in your pajamas” stands in stark contrast. Very soft and with a hint of adult calls out every day to “Cuddle Sunday” song. But also Party songs can be found on the phonogram: for example, the title “The last Butterfly (fly away)” exudes a mix of party feeling and secret love feelings. This involves a short but violent love affair to a sweet secret, that flies away quietly and in beauty as a “Butterfly”. Highlights of the album are also the grandiose ballads like “If the whole world still goes down” or the monumental final song “until our Lighthouse no longer Burns”. Here, Kristina Bach can show what singing is it capable. “Ballads are something very special for me,” she says under the covers of the Studio work. “When these songs it runs down the back me at the recordings often cold, here I can let my emotions run really free and show what I’m singing it.” And so is hit followed hit hit “diary of a chaos Queen” touched, seduced or just good fun. The must have this special hits album who loves always German Schlager. Source: Koch Universal Music links: Kristina Bach album “diary of a chaos Queen” “(No. CD 2709371) is available from June 19, 2009 in the trade.