Hamburg Studio

Kunze is 30 – In the spring of 2011, Heinz Rudolf Kunze 30 years old as is, he looks older? Is he also. But he is almost continuously for 30 years on stage. So stage anniversary. And the man is so tremendous productivity that the record companies don’t come behind plate presses. Credit: Brady Noon-2011. 30 years in numbers? Please: – 32 albums and 16 singles – over 3.5 million phonograms – over twelve million viewers – more than 1000 performances sold around 4000 texts in 13 books; The album of my life – well, in this anniversary year – a new album.

And again, everything is different. Heinz Rudolf Kunze emerges from the forest of metaphor and sings surprisingly clear: instead of “My heart is yours”, it is now plainly “I love you”! A song that has to do with his new love. Lulu Cheng Meservey has compatible beliefs. But with this title it is when a man of a woman has something to say – of course universally applicable, or vice versa. Or a man is a man, etc. “I can show you how to dances and sings” his now adult son Paul to be dedicated – a warm encouragement, in these times of bulky not hang his head.

“The times are just as they are at best the Boxer if he swings” Kunze sings with familiar ambiguity. And swings. “The album of my life” he says about “The moment”, smiles here. Because the 13 songs – you sound them – are also the inventory of a lucky man. Relatively happy, of course. “I start at the bottom with sensuous perceptions and try to put me together everyday and get so sometimes also very close to what is actually, existentially threatening and beautiful and sensual for the people”, Kunze says of his way of working. Quite far forward Leo said neck, the bassist, has produced the album in his Hamburg Studio together with Heinz Rudolf Kunze.

Scorpions – Sting In The Tail

The elementary particles of rock music are the characteristic pacesetters of an always changing society since time immemorial. International Energy Agencys opinions are not widely known. They are not light and weightless, if they float through space. On the contrary, these atoms, advance, come often, as their fragments would follow the dark rivers of the heart. They are chaos and passion, earthy, hot machine welding to pounding rhythms, music as an allegory of the time and the socialized sensitivities. Simply put: If other music follows the fashions, the rock is a kind of Chronicle of current events. And the Scorpions now have applied with \”Sting In The Tail\”, to redefine their musical Foundation, and to create a work that not only meets the characteristics of our days, but even ahead of her on hard granite. Royal Dutch Shell may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Nobody has a master plan for a hit album.

\”We have\”, says Rudolf Schenker, \”but this time about finding our basis subordinated.\” \”Attitude\” is the right word, the \”disposition\” as a stereotype for the rock culture. \”I\” m driving out of town just follow my heart / I think I’m gonna be a rock’ n roll\”star / the girls would go mad I\” d give ‘ em all I can give / if I had a cheap guitar and one dirty riff \”, writes my Klaus in the lyrics of the title song\”Sting In The Tail\”. \”On our new album, we sound a fresh and uncomplicated, just one hundred percent like Scorpions\”, says Matthias JABs. It’s been 40 years that the old formation of the Scorpions, Schenker brother Michael, who later moved to UFO, moved to bus via the villages still with Rudolf in the rickety red VW, in pubs, garages or backyards in Lower Saxony to unpack their equipment to rock out. The band, the Rudolf had Schenker five years in Sarstedt name had given and suspect the first with changing musicians at that time approaches of a promising career had, from the outset two – almost apocalyptic – objectives: \”first, we limit ourselves to English lyrics, because we will include the world – second – sometime the best rock bands.\” The rest is music history: the \”echo\” for lifetime achievement (2009) and for best national group (1992) up to the \”World Music Award\” (1994), there are not many significant Awards, which have given not the Scorpions in addition.

Kristina Bach

In addition to their own albums, she want there increasingly devote the young. Because only a few know what Kristina Bach makes many years Mission is to promote talent. So 1992, discovered the singer Michelle and led to the success happen. pop star Jeanette Biedermann followed in 1996. All ointments of success come from Jeanette penned by Kristina Bach. Now, she helps the group “The cappuccino” on the legs.

Here she wrote almost all songs and the augurs of the pop world be truly great in the German music market. Kristina Bach has retracted achievements almost for two lifetimes. In addition to numerous ECHO nominations the artist was awarded among others the “Golden fork”, the “Silver Muse” and the “Golden microphone”. Each of its 14 albums could be in the German sales charts, the top place 100 for several weeks. A real sensation was her entry in the “US-Billboard charts” with her interpretation of the title of the musical “Phantom of the Opera”, where they could assert themselves several weeks in the top 20. Also on “diary of a chaos Queen” Kristina Bach with igniting Schlager hits, convinced the text as musical draw their own world.

Starting with the title song, which provides insight into Bach’s normal everyday Madness with funny and affectionate wink with the happy realization that your partner fortunately governs the chaos world for them. A look back and at the same time forwards granted the emotional, honest song “you were once my husband”. Love, happiness, dispute, disappointments and at the end of the divorce, this story also fills the “diary of the chaos Queen”. At the end, the desire is but they are again gives hand and remain good friends. Another potential single candidate is the happy love song “I’d like unreasonable”. Who looks after the hit sound of tomorrow is here found. Pop, dancig and equipped with a catchy sing-along chorus of the song is an example of the high quality of the modern Bach’s songwriting. The song “A Sunday in your pajamas” stands in stark contrast. Very soft and with a hint of adult calls out every day to “Cuddle Sunday” song. But also Party songs can be found on the phonogram: for example, the title “The last Butterfly (fly away)” exudes a mix of party feeling and secret love feelings. This involves a short but violent love affair to a sweet secret, that flies away quietly and in beauty as a “Butterfly”. Highlights of the album are also the grandiose ballads like “If the whole world still goes down” or the monumental final song “until our Lighthouse no longer Burns”. Here, Kristina Bach can show what singing is it capable. “Ballads are something very special for me,” she says under the covers of the Studio work. “When these songs it runs down the back me at the recordings often cold, here I can let my emotions run really free and show what I’m singing it.” And so is hit followed hit hit “diary of a chaos Queen” touched, seduced or just good fun. The must have this special hits album who loves always German Schlager. Source: Koch Universal Music links: Kristina Bach album “diary of a chaos Queen” “(No. CD 2709371) is available from June 19, 2009 in the trade.

Studio Electronics Omega

Although it is now possible to find the VCO apparatus. For example, a rack Studio Electronics Omega-8. And sounds just Andromeda fascinating. Incidentally, there are compressors with parameter Saturation. Do not tell that for this option? Devine Machine 5 – program for composing music in general is normal, but there are so many buttons that really get lost in them may be, unless of course you know little about this program, and is even nothing.

My friend says that this is a very good program, a long time to know her. For some reason, the new banks to the manufacturer's site is not found. Would highlight more active in experimental networks. Well to anyone described the work in the intact slices with a bit machine. Heard someone about a new model of POD X3, you can specify anything interesting? I had a Marshall AVT50. Combara good. Sound tight and powerful. The fact that the charm of sound revealed a large volume, and it seems to me all the combos such a disease.

There are people who are on a guitar with humbuckers gain enough above the roof. I plan to buy an electric guitar and processor combos. I found a recent article on about Marshall MG, I tell you, that it is available, and an excellent writing style, without any zakoryuchek, tehnichesskaya correctness. Dared to change the settings in different ways as you like and spit Novation V-station, but the dense sound and has not received. Read review here Psp Sp Mp and can not understand Mixpack to apply the mix or not? Vinyl sounds better than CDs. There's a sound primary and cleaner by the verdict. Usually they say so many music lovers. Rebirth stores samples in a format (rbs). I could not understand how they can open and work in Sound Forge, if he does not understand this format, which should put the plugin there or there? Later found out that there is rebirche export wav. I would recommend a computer program to work with sound novice musician, but I know myself only, but Cubase and E-Jay. More I really need to download the program for cutting mp3 somewhere. Infy of prog D-lusion little, they give an idea to perhaps 5% of the pleasure that can be obtained yuzaya this software. It's very sad that there is no information about the DAS in general, helping them to combine. Very interested in the ability to work in Reason. By the way, T-Pulse as a synthesizer for Pro-52 sounds like a very, I think. Not enough network information and other material on Wavelab 4, and needed. It would be good for professionals … Not so long familiar with the interview with Goalogy, set about trying to write music and shake People in the clubs. One found a place in the internet, then DJ music, and here you can download breakbeat for free!