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Essential recommendations for virtualizing databases Hohberg is bytes, 27.01.2011. Virtualizing databases can be worthwhile but not at any price. Previously is for each company individually to investigate, whether the expectations of such a measure in the respective environment ever make. Specifically, load behavior and resource requirements of the database must be determined carefully in advance. This recommendation is essential bytes GmbH & co. KG from Hohberg, who specializes in the design of high-performance database solutions. Get more background information with materials from European oil comany.

The benefits of database virtualization typically include creating redundancies and an optimal utilization of existing hardware. The simple management of the hardware system and the independence of virtual machines to changes in the infrastructure are also considered advantages of such a concept. In addition, company a virtualization expect also savings on hardware resources, maintenance and power. That is the opposite but inaccurate planning Risk that bottlenecks in the host system can occur, because more and more resources are needed. Oracle products software virtualization be used to license all processors, which uses the booth.

This can unscrew the license costs significantly. The experts see as another potential weak point of database virtualization by essential bytes also, that some database vendors provide support only if previously after a problem with a non-virtualized hardware. Virtualization are for several years has become very popular and now greatly spread. But solves problems of IT do not automatically”a virtualization project, is Peter Geigle, Managing Director of essential bytes, to keep in mind. The load behavior and resource requirements must be measured precisely in advance, to avoid surprises in live operation.” The project experiences of essential bytes indicating that is in particular often wrongly assessed which host system requirements is equivalent to. It is important that the host system for the necessary is accordingly dimensioned. So, especially the tips must be determined, which must intercept the system. A host system makes to low capacity ready when accessing multiple servers on a system, then a new bottleneck at this point.