Mass Rally Against Fascism – For Tirol

The South Tyrolean shooting Federation demonstrated against fascist relics in South Tyrol and for a free, independent Tyrol BOLZANO – the mass rally with followed by a protest March of the Sudtiroler of shooting Federation was a stampede. Almost 4,000 shooters and civilians were at the biggest protest demonstration so far organised by the South Tyrolean shooting Federation. Demonstrated was against fascism and for Tyrol. Required the razing of all fascist relics in South Tyrol and Tyrol’s reunification has been doing. The Walther Boznerplatz could not believe the large crowd. From all parts of the Southern Tyrol, shooters and their sympathisers had come to take part in the rally. They were supported by secondments of shooters from the Northern Tyrol and Welschtirol. The State Government was through regional councillor Sabina Kasslatter Mur represented.

But several Landtag and commendably almost all German local councils of Bolzano were present. It was opened Rally through country-Commander Paul Bacher: \”Italy has as the only EU country 65 years after the fall of Benito Mussolini’s regime never dissociated himself from fascism and never apologized for the crimes of this regime join Tyroleans\”. He also said the South Tyrolean shooting Federation fully had the nose of the State of Italy, which tolerate fascist relics, and the politicians who do nothing. This was followed by the speeches of the seven District majors, which reported on the fascist relics in South Tyrol. While they demanded the removal of the victory and the Mussolini monument in Bolzano, the ossuaries at the borders, the Alpini monument in Bruneck and all fascist place and street names. The lawyer Dr. Sandro Canestrini, an anti-fascist in the first hour, with obvious emotion, was directed towards the end of the event to speak, a greeting word in Italian language to the present in front of a large crowd. Canestrini: \”when Italians identify themselves with a Duce to Ross, he was even not Italian, \”because Italians abhor the fascism and Nazism.\” After the song \”The land Tyrol the loyalty\”, which marched thousands of shooters and civilians with drums and torches against the victory monument fascist street names (AMBA Alagi str., Padre Reginaldo Giuliani str.), and against the Mussolini monument at the square of the Bolzano Court.