Messenger World

Is attributed to his training evidence of having bequeathed his musical inventions; preliminary exercises for the Hata Yoga practice, principles of arithmetic, treated in medicine, through the sacred art of Alchemy; the art of handling of metals; the three-stringed lyre; the ceremonies of worship unto God; studies of astronomy; writing or engraving, and many other skills. Hermes Trismegisto is regarded as the father of the type of knowing that bears his name: Hermeticism, most there to make a clarification on this issue, and is that it is not a single author, but several (a group of initiates), which is easily understood because otherwise, it would have to have written day and night to produce 2,000 books that are known of him. The name Hermes means mercury the Messenger of the gods (for Egyptians, Djehuti (Thoth), the God of wisdom, patron of the Magi) and Trismegistus is a Greek word that means three times larger. So this would be rather the meeting not only three grandmasters, but three major schools: Egyptian, Hebrew, and Greek; the mention of mercury, the Messenger of the gods, is the intermediary between the divine and the profane and indicates that the word of the three Magi is a sacred teaching. By what everything leads to believe that large number of books of initiation and esoteric tradition were grouped under what may be called an eponym celebrated. Riddles related to his activity led to emerge from the hermetic literature (Hermes has the power of the word, know the magical formulas) only affordable to insiders in the revelations of God. The scribes who accessed their knowledge was known as sacerdote-lector. To Djehuti was worshipped in Hermopolis Magna.

The books attributed to Hermes found in the Corpus Hermeticum. The medieval Christian tradition venerates him as protector and guide of the hermetistas, who practice the science of Alchemy, magic, astrology and the Kabbalah. He is credited with the drafting of the Emerald Tablet. THE true emerald table, without falsehood, certain and very real: what is below is like that which is above, and that which is above is like what is below, to perform the miracle of the only thing. And how all things came from one, by the mediation of one, so all things born of this unique thing by adaptation. His father is the Sun, its mother is the Moon, the wind took it in its womb, the Earth was their mother. The father of all perfection in the world is here.

Its strength will remain full while it was poured into the Earth. You separaras the land of the fire, the subtle from the gross, gently, with much ingenuity. Amounts of Earth to heaven, again descends to the Earth, and receives the strength of higher things and of the lower. This will give the glory of the whole world. Then all obscurity will flee from you. Here is the strong strength of all strength, because you shall overcome all subtle and will penetrate in all solid. Thus was created the world. You have here admirable adaptations, whose way is that it has been said. Because of this I was called Hermes three times great, possessor of three parts of the philosophy of the world. Completes what he had to say about the work of the Sun.