Musical Theatre

Marx theater, 1977/78); Fornes in the Musical (Musical Theatre of Havana, 1979); Rosita in concert (T. k. Marx, 1981); Portrait en vivo (Teatro Mella, 1982); Gala Guzman (theater k. Marx, 1982 / 2003); You like; like (Teatro Mella, 1984); Being an artist (National Theatre 1987 / 1990); Gala 50 years artistic life (GTH, 1988); All a vedette (Teatro Mella, 1988 / 1989); Fornes to scene (Terry theater / national, 1989) (his official farewell from the lyrical genre); Vedettisima (x Cuba, 1989-1990 tour / Karl Marx theater, 1991 / American Theatre, 1992); As always the Fornes (Teatro Mella / American Theatre, 1995); Fornes live (Amphitheater of Havana, 1997); Fornes in black and white (Amphitheater of Havana, 2001); A rose for everyone. (National x Cuba tour / GTH, 2003)(For the first time–to its 80 years – was sweeping: City by city (18), all Cuban geography); Rosita Fornes, between friends (room Hubert de Blanck, 2005); A rose with glamour (GTH, 2006); Three times women (2006 GTH) and Rosa (Tour 2007) time. For more than two decades, Cuban cinema trumped his presence due to its great work on television. Not called until 1983 which was called by the absence in the film by directors who claimed his presence; but it was call with be trade-in could demonstrate to the forgetful and skeptics who he was and which was awarded; the film achieved a resounding success. Then would come Placido (1986), supporting roles (1989), love me and you’ll see (1994), the last nights of Constantinople (2001) and at dusk (2001).

In 1996 was invited by the Spanish Repertory Theatre to the city that gave it birth, New York. There would be several presentations. In 1999 would in Miami: concert of Remembrance (Starfish Club, Miami Beach). And in 2003, he returned to the floridana city with a rose for the Divas (ASHE Auditorium-Hotel Hyatt). Their latest lyrical stakes would be with the Cuban zarzuela Cecilia Valdes (1998) in the role of Dona Rosa Sandoval of Gamboa and Maria La O (1999) as the Marchioness of el Palmar, this last work was brought to Spain, appearing at the Teatro Campoamor of Oviedo, Asturias; they subsequently act in La Coruna, Leon and Segovia.