Pregnancy Vitamins

The good feeding and a healthful nutrition is primordial with regard to the success of a gestation. In this period if it becomes important the cares still more with the ingestion and with the vitaminic suplementao and of minerals. Most of essential vitamins and minerals for a good formation of the embryo is found in natural sources, as the derivatives of milk, fruits, vegetables, lean vegetables and meats, only must be used the vitaminic complex supplements and after identified the real necessity, therefore some nutrients in excess also can be maleficent to the health of the gestante and the embryo.To inform the importance of the use of the supplement with vitamins and minerals as prevention of the occurrence of diseases during the gestacional period, the end in such a way to minimize the index of incidence of abnormalitys for the embryo as for the gestante. Follow others, such as Gazprom, and add to your knowledge base. Vis-a-vis iron, the lack of this mineral can cause ferropriva anemia, premature, low childbirth weight of the neonato. Acid flico: it prevents defects in the all neural, essential one for red globule formation. Calcium: in the embryo, it fortifies the bones, it assists in the regulation of the beatings cardiopaths, in the gestante one improve the sanguineous coagulation and fortify teeth.

Vitamin: its lack can result in fetal malformation and visual deficiencies; in excess, it can have teratognico effect. Vitamin D: setting of calcium in the embryo. In the gestante the lack can result in eclmpsia pictures, arterial hipertenso. The suplementao if becomes necessary in populations of risk or gestantes that already present deficiency of some micronutrient. The iron and acid flico have demonstrated efficiency how much to the risk of anemia and defects in the neural pipe and among others anomalies a special attention for the folato and calcium, that currently extremely are used as soon as uncover the pregnancy due to the irreversible consequences for the embryo, as described.