Reductil Diet Pills

Sibutramine is the generic of Reductil diet pills. What is Reductil and when is it used? Reductil is used on prescription the doctor as accompanying drug treatment for weight loss with diet, behavior modification and exercise. The active ingredient sibutramine Reductil promotes satiety. The drug should be used only in patients with significant overweight (i.e. with a body mass index BMI of at least 30 kg / m m), if appropriate weight reducing measures alone have shown no success. The BMI is calculated using the following formula: BMI = body weight in kg /(Korpergrosse in m) a BMI (body mass index and body mass index) of at least 30 matches depending on the body size the following weight: height 140 cm: at least 58.8 kg.

Height 150 cm: minimum 67.5 kg. Height 160 cm: at least 76.8 kg. Height 170 cm: at least 86.7 kg. Height 180 cm: at least 97,2 kg. Height 190 cm: at least 108.3 kg.

When is caution necessary when taking Reductil? Your doctor should monitor blood pressure and the pulse during treatment with Reductil. If your blood pressure or heart rate above a certain value, treatment with Reductil must be discontinued (see section What side-effects can Reductil?). Your doctor determines this or Her doctor. In overweight people, where is the risk of heart and circulatory disease, the weight should be reduced slowly. Inform your doctor or health care professional if you have a kidney or liver dysfunction, increased intraocular pressure, or seizures (convulsions). Reductil contains lactose. If you suffer from the rare inherited Galactoseunvertraglichkeit, a genetic Lactasemangel, or of glucose-Galactose malabsorption, you should not be able to use the drug. Tell your doctor or pharmacist or Your doctor or pharmacist, if you other diseases, have allergies or other medicines (also bought yourself!) take or apply externally. This particularly applies to medicines for the treatment of fungal diseases, for the treatment of infections, to suppress immune reactions (E.g.