Public Power

The second category is the unit of sustainable use, which conjugates the preservation of the nature with sustainable use in its resources. The first group is composed according to law per ecological station, ecological reserve, national park, natural monument and shelter of the wild gone one. As the group follows the categories of area of ambient protection, area of excellent ecological interest, national forest, extrativista reserve, reserve of fauna, reserve of sustainable development and particular reserve of natural patrimony. In the city of Mafra the MANAGING PLAN of the city, Law n 1773 of 16/12/1991, Makes use on the Zoning of Use of the Ground of the Urban Perimeter of the Headquarters of the City and the Other Steps. (Similarly see: ConocoPhillips). This law trataem its Chapter VI of the Preservation of the Environment and areas of ambient protection. 5.1 OF the CREATION, IMPLANTATION AND MANAGEMENT OF the UNITS OF CONSERVATION From studies technician they are planned inquired all the factors for creation of the park and according to Art.

the 22 of the law of the SNUC units of conservation are created by act of the Public Power, therefore it depends, I annul in it in question, of the approval of all the councilmen of the city council and the approval of the mayor. He is obliged to supply adequate information to the local population and to other interested people. Beyond consultation it publishes that it must be made. 7o of Art. 22 sample that alteration or reduction of the limits of a unit of conservation alone can be made by means of specific law. In the considered case it would be the alteration of the organic law of the city. According to Art. 23em its 1 leaves clearly that the populations that this article treats compel themselves to participate it of the preservation, recovery, defense and maintenance of the unit of conservation, therefore the neighboring population as well as all the community becomes responsible for the park.