Necessary Riser

Gearboxes have after strainer. Typically, the initial pressure ranging from 0.5 to 6-7 atm. Optimal for sanitary measures (3-4 atm) are placed with the built-in pressure gauge. Adjustment is carried out through the hand wheel or screw, available in the gear housing. Some motors are installed in one housing with a filter.

When the pressure in the network is small (below 0.85 atm), we can recommend the installation of the input step-up pump in the apartment, such as UPA 15-90 of GRUNDFOS (Germany) or similar firms to DAB (Italy) or VORTEX and WILO (Germany). But note that setting the pump requires the mandatory approval by the relevant bodies. Correct operation of sewer lines do not require any additional equipment. However, we must remember that the pipe, the outlet drains must be laid with a gradient (1.5-4%) in the direction of the riser. For a sufficiently long tube that can be difficult, because it quietly and not spend a headband you can not hide. It is very difficult create an indentation on the sewer riser (his local break.) This measure is sometimes necessary to 'fit' any instrument in the plumbing box. It is unacceptable that any plots were obtained by horizontal indentation. At the same time a great danger of clogging the riser in your apartment and the collapse of the hydraulic gate devices have lower neighbors.

As a result, litigation costs and triple you provided. The company's specialists 'GALASTAYL' suggestions to create slope on the riser sections of the indentation at least 22,5 . Finally, we note that for mounting plumbing fixtures have been increasingly used special frame design with the necessary fittings (followed by foreign sellers domestic experts were called to install them). These devices accelerate the installation, guarantee quality of systems, but most importantly – make it possible to place devices not only on the walls or in the immediate vicinity, but also in any other place.

Tension Ceilings

– Professional installation and mounting tension ceiling based on years of experience. – Always in stock selection of materials and color choices. – Help translate any idea of the stretch ceiling, this will help our designers and unique design solutions. French technology durability stretch ceiling. If you really want to eternal suspended ceiling, the technology ensures that the French manufacturers. When mounting tension ceiling used harpoon – French technology fasteners, which are not terrible floods in contrast to the wedge, shtapikovoy installation. Yet the choice is yours, to be modern, fashionable right now. Dream or other glossy colors and decorations of stretch ceilings can be done right now, just need to call.

Tel: 8495580 40 82 Stretch ceilings represent the pinnacle of modern technology in the development and production of finishing materials for the ceiling. The most prestigious and high-quality long considered the French ceilings, but if you plan to use the usual white ceiling, you can choose also from a range of Russian producers, many of which offer products similar in quality French and German producers. However, French and German coverage presented in a wider range. Deals ceilings with a matte and glossy finish, and exclusive options for artistic ceiling, ceilings 'starry sky', mirrored and textured surfaces are installed by us in a very short time, and you receive a ten-year warranty. French, German and inexpensive ceilings from Russia – all of the products may be of high quality is not at all dealerships. The company 'PremerStroy' working directly with European and Russian manufacturers of suspended ceilings, and that's why we find you the most competitive prices for high ceilings of all types. Stretch ceiling for apartments We are in a wide range of products, quality is consistently high, and the differences of colors and textures allow you to choose from more than 200 options for finishing the ceiling of the apartment. Here you can find a lot number of glossy, matte, mirror, textured surfaces, and translucent ceilings, coatings of artistry and ceilings with photo printing.

Stretch ceilings (North Region) is available now us in an even wider range. We are constantly making contacts with new Russian and foreign partners, expanding its own production and can offer a decent solution for any interior. We set ceilings (Moscow and Moscow region, all city) in the short term, and can offer you only the certified products of the highest quality. With prices and photos of coatings also can be available in the relevant section of this site.

How To Build A Foundation – 10 Tips

You have decided to build a house or a bath? Then you need to think carefully about how to properly lay the foundation to the new structure. Here are 10 tips that will help you in building the foundations. 1. To begin study foundations of buildings facing next. This will give you food for thought, since life itself casts a miscalculation by leaving, they say, only time-tested. 2. The next step – the calculation of the bearing capacity of soil. Different soils give different draft, because the properties are different: some of them are easy to overlook the water, some of its delay, one fraught with the landslide, others are quite stable, some soils during freezing swells strongly, others – quite a bit.

If we discard the slabs of granite or stone embankment of natural origin, the most reliable – homogeneous sandy coarse-grained. The foundation does not experience such a ground of heavy loads, provides uniform sediment, no warping. It is on these grounds, if the construction of the building permits can be applied melkozaglublennye foundation that will serve as a reliable bulwark home. Fine-grained or pulverized sand, and clay soils are dry, too, have a good load, but when wet become fluid, and was frozen in the cold winter, "abyss." The outcome of this process is becoming a big burden on the foundation, which can skew the house and the walls will crack. The remedy is simple – have sunk with the sole of the basement below the freezing depth of soil.

The most dangerous peat base, which is also sometimes occurs in areas of the Leningrad region. In this case, as a rule, we have to choose peat and sand to fill the pit, that is to make a sandy base. 3. Another important characteristic of soils – the level of groundwater. If freezing level below the level of groundwater, we can expect swelling soil during the winter.

Determining Wine Quality

Despite the development of science and technology, devices for determining the quality of wine, unfortunately, has not yet been invented. As hundreds of years ago, the quality of wine is determined organoleptically, ie evaluate it by the senses (Latin: organon – a tool and lambano – catch, feel, evaluate). Organoleptic evaluation of wine tasting is also called, from the Latin gusti – taste, though wine tasting at measured not only in taste. The results of the tasting affect professional skills taster – gustatory memory (like music), smell sensitivity, sharpness of taste. All must take into account the taster, including age and drink.

After all, figuratively speaking, wine is born undergoing a period of playful children, then angular youth, from youth turns into a time of ripening and maturity, when it's his heyday, and finally – to a long quiet old age, losing gradually its properties. Today while wine quality is determined by five factors: transparency, color, bouquet (aroma), taste, typical. Color – to be determined visually – the light. Bouquet (aroma) – defined as follows: take a hand in a glass of wine, make a few rotational motions in a clockwise direction. Walls of glass with wetted, which increases the evaporation of wine, and the scent becomes more intense. Then, gusty breath through the nose determine the flavor.

He quickly in the glass changes, so tasters give special attention to first impressions. The most volatile bouquet of wines from muscadine grapes. Empty glass taster gets additional information: aroma, remaining on the walls of glass, uletuchivayas gradually change over time. The flavor is judged on the quality, the addition, the intensity, there are special nuances of wine and is typical of the class. Scale for determining the quality of flavor is not. So used to characterize it by comparing with the flavors of other social agents. Taste – the taste of feeling we get the most valuable information about the quality of the wine. The color, the bouquet as if preparing the body, but the taste makes seems complete. To experience the taste of a small amount of wine is moved into the language of the oral cavity. Taste receptors are located on the tongue surface is uneven. To obtain the correct flavor to fully relax the muscles of the face and tongue, otherwise you can not catch the flavors. After receiving a first impression of the taste, draw in air through his mouth as if going through the wine. This causes increased evaporation of wine, taste worse – and we swallow the wine. How long to keep wine in your mouth is not recommended.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen sinks made of stainless steel made by Italian firm Foster deserved proper respect among users worldwide. This was possible due to the fact that in the field of steel processing has no equal. Stainless steel sink Foster differ in an exclusive design and functionality, as well as attention to the smallest detail and quality starting materials. Applying for creating sinks original ideas that are implemented in practice and design approach, experts form the individual style of any kitchen. In this article the author will illuminate the main features sinks for the kitchen Foster, who represented the Russian market. Classic stainless steel kitchen sinks are not go out of fashion today. A high-technology production and use of stainless steel can make products with a perfectly shiny surface that will not be subject to corrosion and rust. Modern stainless steel sinks withstand ice water and hot oil, enough high-impact, easy to clean, hygienic.

In addition, they are perfectly in tune with the elements of kitchen appliances and furniture made of glass and aluminum, which are increasingly used in the design of a modern kitchen. What makes stainless steel sinks easily fit any style and color kuhni.Osobuyu strength and unique operational characteristics of a kitchen stainless steel sink attached, of course, the raw material with high nickel content (10%) and chromium (18%) in its composition. Foster Company for the manufacture of sinks for the kitchen uses stainless steel, European standard AISI 304-18/10, thicker than 0,7 cm. Experts have developed an exclusive cover of stainless steel, which give the kitchen sink for a special simplicity and ease of maintenance, excellent appearance and functionality.