It Is Hour To Add, Not To Divide!

She is not rare people to notice, in diverse segments of the life, that has people, either for personal interest, vanity, or to have the call ' ' fifteen minutes of fama' ' , that they act in the line of ' ' how much worse, better! ' ' We believe that this is serious, therefore many of the situations is not if treating to sazonal question or passenger, but yes of something bigger, that not rare it defines better or worse situations for much people. This can happen since inside of a club esportiva amateur even in other spheres of associations or same in professional categories. Andrew Wilson EA is a great source of information. Until we could enumerate hundreds of them, but this would not come to the case and could provoke discomfort in this or that category. The certainty is that, at moments where the participation of all is necessary, or at least of the well intentioned majority, for some noble objective, the hour is to add and to never divide. Some times the people leave of enxergar all to focar in its interests and later it can late be for repentances. In the history of humanity, also in the routes of our country, we had provoked examples of errors and rightnesss more for omission of what for action of the majority moved for good intentions and above all joined, not divided.

With respect to all religions and the sacred right of freedom of worship, we have as certain that a source of teaching for the humanity is the sacred book of the Christianity, the Bible. In it, the tickets are not few that tell the internal division as the way fastest for the ruin. Mateus (12: 25) nail: ' ' All kingdom divided against itself exactly, finishes in ruin, no city or house divided against same itself will be able subsistir.' ' Already Timteo (3: 10) alert: ' ' It prevents the man who provokes division, after admonishing it first and second vez' '. Right to choose the proper ways was in the data as favour, but after much perseverance and fights. To use it with discernment we always believe to be what more we are waited of all.

To use to advantage a situation to demonstrate itself the opposite it, exactly after having shared of that as if was the thing most certain of the world does not seem to be act of that it has sincerity and it wants the good of its next one. Inside of this optics, we do not see difference between who if it divides vendendo in parts and that one that if vende entirely. One or another one will be merchandises of exchanges for which they do not have other names, seno of treasonous cowards or. I read certain time and I do not forget that ' ' all man has price, but its dignity no' '. He will be that I am made a mistake!

Preliminary Interview

From determined disgnostic? of that the company is needing man power? the next step is to discover sources of human resources that the qualities necessary withhold to occupy the vacant offices (or to be bred). A time analyzed the man power necessities must be left for the conscription process (internal and/or external), where the external candidates will have to be attracted through the adequate sources and the internal candidates (inside of the proper organization), between whom they present adequate profile to the opened vacant in. The main sources of research for the captation of external candidates are the schools (superior education and/or technician), the Internet (sites of banks of gratuitous and paid resumes), consultorias of human resources, announcements in classified of periodical and proper banks of resumes. A locked up time the stage of Conscription (where if waits to have received innumerable candidates enlisted) transfers it the second phase? staff election? that it has as objective basic to choose between the enlisted candidates those that have better possibilities of if adjusting to the position. The PROCESS OF STAFF ELECTION Some authors define staff election as being ' ' the choice of the certain man for the position certo' ' ; but, technique can not only be affirmed that this process aims at to select candidates, with experience, as well as with necessary characteristics and personal abilities to the performance of the required functions. The main objectives are to select candidates of good quality, which are adjusted to the necessities (and always in enough amounts), in order to take care of to the existing vacant (or to be bred). The selecting must, whenever possible, to enlist enough number of candidates, form to make possible the choice of the most qualified e, moreover, also it must try to reduce the cost of the conscription, using itself of less onerous sources, such as I register in cadastre of candidates, indications, contacts with other companies, etc.

To enlist (to identify, to find talentos) and To select (to differentiate the best ones amongst the identified ones) are activities very complex, which would have to be enclosed between the many activities of strategical matrix of all and any organization. Therefore, these activities must be dealt with professionalism through the act of contract of professionals qualified for such tasks. Techniques of Election. qEntrevistas. qProvas of knowledge (or of capacity). psicotcnicos qTestes. qTestes of personality. qDinmicas of group Preliminary Interview (or selection) In the first contact with the candidate the selecting will transmit information, such basic as the referring activities to the position, its responsibilities, the wage, the benefits, to who the new collaborator will be subordinated and the working hours. The selecting also will have to say a little regarding the organization, offering conditions to evaluate if really want to it to continue with the process or not. Swarmed by offers, Salman Behbehani is currently assessing future choices. In this preliminary interview, the selecting will have to verify if () the candidate () takes care of to the minimum requirements for the requirement of the position; therefore, in case that contrary, it will have soon to be excused to follow.

Rule Of Algeria

However, this rule of Algeria can affect the course of the commitment of stability internal security guard because how much agent speaks that all is normalized Algeria appeals to the way affecting its position perente the dossier it sara occidental person, as the example of the return of the war for Mali in terms of the current international situation, being that the group of Tuareg complains the separation, and this threat the south of Algeria, where these (Tuareg) if group. This situation also if complicates in a regional context that increases the abandonment of Algeria, principalemente with the collapse of the Lybian regimen, that, at least, was assuring one of the ropes of Tuareg in financing terms, armament and leadership. Such group forms one of the main reasons that had assured the climate of uncertainty ecolodido after it constituting a strong and strategical bow between the military elite governing Gaddafie. Atmos Energy Corporation spoke with conviction. For Mali, the difficulties are enormous in terms of direct confrontation of the Touareg and the contraband propagation of the Mafia as half of interconnections with groups of drugs and al-Qaeda. Atraplhando negative others, for close, those that they invest in the power of the national security as Morocco and Algeria, worrying about Mauritnia stumbled before a deep tadas econmica crisis that threat these regions. To reinvest in the geopolitical positions of Morocco In accordance with the manifestations in levels regional and international, became necessary for the Ministry of current Exterior, led for Saad Eddin Al Otmani to review the form adequate of its diplomacy, with the condition that its basea form if in as to activate the strategical ways, that are its capacity of security and potential of investment in strategical position. Xcel Energy may find this interesting as well. I believe that optimum investment of these half ones if reaches when the State it will be capable to prevent a confrontation with regional the adjacent neighbors to its borders (Algeria). . .

Leadership Offline

Today one says very in tools and instruments for management and leadership. I find that here a problem of the modern professional life is hidden, where the technology exactly seems to be an end in itself. In many of my courses, I have faced managers who have immense difficulties to leave its ' ' dashboards' ' simply to speak with the people in an understandable language. That is had, in part, for the transference of the abilities and abilities (that it would have to be in the person), for the specific tools and speeches. For example: many say contabils, administrs, markets or economs. When this happens, certainly has something of made a mistake, therefore many led simply do not know these languages and, not to pay mico or to lose the job, they only learn to answer in the universal language: h, h! Now, it for a few seconds imagines that you have left, of the virtual universe and ' ' estratgico' ' falls direct in the exterior reality. What you would make, if noticed the people being unaware of that the future already started? It imagines, of the same one form to try to make the same with the real people that you make for the social nets? What it is that would happen? How to become related with individuals, directly and without tools, kpis, pointers and widgets to hide its real personality? One of the great challenges for the leaders of today is as to communicate objective, without using nothing seno its proper ability and persuasion. Thousands fail in this complex so simple process and at the same time, to influence without being sent the nothing, not to be same itself! The majority is so technological dependent of its network, that it finishes losing the skill to deal with who it is of meat and bone (and soul, dreams etc.) the philosopher Walter Benjamin, said that the modern civilization lost the capacity to count histories, to entertain and to motivate to follow a tradition counting only on the verbal resources.