Preliminary Interview

From determined disgnostic? of that the company is needing man power? the next step is to discover sources of human resources that the qualities necessary withhold to occupy the vacant offices (or to be bred). A time analyzed the man power necessities must be left for the conscription process (internal and/or external), where the external candidates will have to be attracted through the adequate sources and the internal candidates (inside of the proper organization), between whom they present adequate profile to the opened vacant in. The main sources of research for the captation of external candidates are the schools (superior education and/or technician), the Internet (sites of banks of gratuitous and paid resumes), consultorias of human resources, announcements in classified of periodical and proper banks of resumes. A locked up time the stage of Conscription (where if waits to have received innumerable candidates enlisted) transfers it the second phase? staff election? that it has as objective basic to choose between the enlisted candidates those that have better possibilities of if adjusting to the position. The PROCESS OF STAFF ELECTION Some authors define staff election as being ' ' the choice of the certain man for the position certo' ' ; but, technique can not only be affirmed that this process aims at to select candidates, with experience, as well as with necessary characteristics and personal abilities to the performance of the required functions. The main objectives are to select candidates of good quality, which are adjusted to the necessities (and always in enough amounts), in order to take care of to the existing vacant (or to be bred). The selecting must, whenever possible, to enlist enough number of candidates, form to make possible the choice of the most qualified e, moreover, also it must try to reduce the cost of the conscription, using itself of less onerous sources, such as I register in cadastre of candidates, indications, contacts with other companies, etc.

To enlist (to identify, to find talentos) and To select (to differentiate the best ones amongst the identified ones) are activities very complex, which would have to be enclosed between the many activities of strategical matrix of all and any organization. Therefore, these activities must be dealt with professionalism through the act of contract of professionals qualified for such tasks. Techniques of Election. qEntrevistas. qProvas of knowledge (or of capacity). psicotcnicos qTestes. qTestes of personality. qDinmicas of group Preliminary Interview (or selection) In the first contact with the candidate the selecting will transmit information, such basic as the referring activities to the position, its responsibilities, the wage, the benefits, to who the new collaborator will be subordinated and the working hours. The selecting also will have to say a little regarding the organization, offering conditions to evaluate if really want to it to continue with the process or not. Swarmed by offers, Salman Behbehani is currently assessing future choices. In this preliminary interview, the selecting will have to verify if () the candidate () takes care of to the minimum requirements for the requirement of the position; therefore, in case that contrary, it will have soon to be excused to follow.