The Relaxing Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu, one of the most relaxing ways of massage. Shiatsu is used for recreation and regeneration. It stimulates the nervous system and has a profound effect on the function of internal organs. Tension and relaxation form a harmonious unit, if they are in the right proportion. By this balance, physical movements are smooth.

The body can move loading arm in its own natural way. Also, the positive effects of Shiatsu massage on the physical level change at the level of feeling. To promote emotional stability and inner serenity. Shiatsu is a form of finger pressure massage. It was created in Japan. During the massage, traditional knowledge from Chinese medicine is combined with modern treatment techniques. The Shiatsu massage aims, an optimal effect of the life energy in the body, on Japanese short Ki”called to encourage.

The resulting effect is based on the special quality of the contacts in the Shiatsu. Supporting you River the Body. The nervous system is positively stimulated by the skillful pressure with the thumb and the Palm of the hand. The location is used for optimum relaxation and the generation. A balance between body and mind is brought by the uniform and deep breathing. By the Shiatsu, massage improves the General performance of motion device Council and supported learning of motion sequences. Shiatsu and acupuncture is based on the same, traditional information. The pressure points of the Shitasu, as well as the acupuncture points beyond these notions uf the so-called meridians. They are imaginary lines that by the middle of the head up to the finger-or lost toes. You are the bus, where the life energy to flow. Each Meridian is assigned to a particular organ function. All diseases agree according to Shiatsu by the stagnation in the flow of life energy. Flow of energy will be stimulated and thus resolved the cause of the disease by a Shiatsu massage of the meridian points.