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Can a person who is not an expert in gastronomy write a blog of gastronomy? Begin with this question because that I wonder. Looking for information information to write this article in the trade journal vegetarian blog green sheep call and I had this idea to write this article I that I write a food blog I integer that there is a code of ethics for gastronomy blog because recently I hear so is apparently made ethics rules to write in this topic, so that those who are not expert or sufficiently can know this code. To continue with the dissemination of my blog I go to the street or rather to restaurants to be able to disseminate the various dishes that offers Peruvian cuisine through photos and videos, but what would happen if I do not like the dish that test or service that can give me. Should I post it? Must I say that the food was very bad? In my opinion, political or as you want to call is I don’t like to speak ill of someone or places which can frequent I do not like do it, I just don’t say anything but there are other people or blogs who write with bad intentions, do not ask me which are because I will not say it. I have reviewed the code of ethics for blog of food or gastronomy at least have complied with its rules but have spread the blog to my style because I like this way, never missing people who can tell you bad comments but as I learned in social networks always interpret all expressions, comments in the best way, look for the positive side of such commentsexpression or idea, I sometimes hard to apply it but I do most. Like today for example people who know me in person came to see my videos on youtube of my testimonies of virtual courses that I attend or a video that I do a small story of a culinary adventure of how to prepare a soup wonton with its chaufa rice, hear their mocking laughter of these people that in that moment had a sense of anger at times but there was the positive thing that I came to interpret if not like them, at least I have not nor in social networks or in my social environment that I frequent the positive is that I’m going to demonstrate that he is not an expert I’m moving in making videos because I wish I know the readers who read this blog. You gave me strength to follow to forward not swayed me and follow.

Now with the rules of the code of ethics for blogs of food or gastronomy because truth not is because developed it. It is something hard to power meet for many is my opinion. For my part, I will continue with my way of spreading my blog, the same style respestuoso, sincere of restaurants that can meet in the future. But it is still an open question about the bad food or bad service you might have like experience in the future.