Versatile Service Engine

Nortel CVAS has consistently been rated as the number one vendor in the market of VOIP and softswitch for operators since 2002. This success is the result of proven VOIP solutions and avant-garde: solution of voice and multimedia business, solution of voice and multimedia to consumers, interconnection of traffic and multimedia solution and class 5 solution. These solutions have been successfully deployed throughout the world to meet the needs of large and small service providers deployment. The solutions are transparent to the medium, are full of functionalities with total transparency with PSTN, SIP or hybrid can be deployed in environments completely, are equipped with key capabilities to meet all the requirements of management and VOIP networks, and are fully tested until the end points. Nortel launches a new hardware platform, called CS 2000a, which boosts the capacity of providers of services in a smaller area, offers up to a 70 percent reduction of occupied surface and 50 percent of energy saving in comparison with currently available platform options. CS 2000a Nortel empowers service providers to control the peak periods of calls more effectively since withstanding a capacity of calls exceeding 5 million call attempts (BHCA) in HorCargada. CS 2000a uses the hardware platform based on ATCA’s new generation of quality of operator (carrier grade) widely deployed Nortel jointly with its intermediate platform (middleware) leader in the sector, Versatile Service Engine (VSE). Nortel VSE platform is independent of the application and offers numerous differentiators over ATCA platforms, such as the easy migration of applications to the platform at the same time that leverages tight integration and a consistent management of the system to deliver proven reliability of six 9? s, leader in the sector.