Windows Tax

Automatic calculation and booking the new culture tax by ResiGo jokingly as a bed tax titled, entered into force on the 1 October 2010 the new culture tax of the city of Cologne. On the gross value of the night, five percent must be pitched in the future. On this charge, seven percent added value added tax. Who not observed this in the future, can be surprised later with sales tax claims. Would you every time manually calculate this extra with the calculator must, then it would be a huge effort for staff time. ResiGo solves this problem now quickly, easily understandable and in usual professional manner.

“For the automatic calculation and book the art & culture tax through ResiGo you have to follow only these six steps instructions: Please put other segment” a new sales group. Then please create a new performance (article). Contact the sales price to 0.00 and the tax key to 7%. Insert the article on inactive now ask”, so that performance can be posted manually. “Please ensure that the article definitely not the sales group logistics” is mapped to. Please copy the file KTax.ini into the ResiGo directory ResiGo calculated and automatically posts the new culture tax. The file KTax.ini can be edited, if necessary, in the Windows editor and adapted.