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Initial idea of the solution introduced in April iScala 2.3 SR1 and industry-specific software Pact Epicor manufacturing FRANKFURT AM MAIN may 27, 2008. The Epicor Software Germany GmbH is this year at the Aachen ERP days with part of the game. At Hotel Novotel in the EUROGRESS Aachen at the stand of 15 he is unveiling two new software versions of the world’s leading manufacturers of provider with enterprise applications in Germany. This is iScala 2.3 SR1 and the powerful solution of Epicor manufacturing, which is tailored to the needs of the manufacturing industry to the one to the current package, introduced in April 2008. The participation of the third-largest German trade fair for business application software offers an ideal platform the manufacturer to contact relevant decision-makers from SMEs and production, logistics managers and IT managers in contact and to present them the solution spectrum personally. Michael Wirth has plenty of information regarding this issue. After our successful premiere\”on the Aachen-based ERP-days in the for us, last year, was out of the question that we are in 2008. The concept of the organiser convinced us the combination of a practice day, a symposium and an accompanying trade fair as well as clear direction. Here we find our target group decision makers from businesses in the manufacturing and pharmaceutical industry as well as machine and plant construction, and can represent the benefits them, that go hand in hand with the use of our solutions.

The new version of our proven iScala software package is, for example, better adapted to the requirements of medium-sized companies, which represented or are part of international companies with branches abroad. Epicor manufacturing, however, is a solution completely tailored to the needs of the manufacturing industry, we offer now also in this country. Because Germany is characterized by medium-sized and a large proportion of the companies in the manufacturing industry is, we see a promising market potential here for us.\” Marcus Martenstein, regional sales manager Epicor Software Germany GmbH Backgrounder Epicor iScala 2.3 SR1 release 2.3 SR1 of the integrated enterprise resource planning-(ERP), customer relationship management-(CRM) and supply chain management-(SCM) software iScala has been extended with new modules for production, as well as for the management of financial and equipment leases. .

Angelika Wilke Software

In addition to laboratory labels, lab printers and bar code readers, macro is also the right label software IdentiLAB IDENT, for printing on the laboratory labels available marking must meet certain standards in laboratories to the requirements also stood to hold. The product portfolio of the macro IDENT is designed exactly for these claims and support the staff in the laboratory at GLP compliant work. This includes therefore all components for the marking and identification in the laboratory. Laboratory labels, mobile and stationary label printer include readers and the appropriate labels software including accessories, various facilitate and 2D-code for creating and printing the lab labels. The laboratory labels quickly and professionally can be created by the laboratory personnel, the right label software IdentiLAB has been developed for this. IdentiLAB consists of a labor-friendly user interface and helpful wizards, has the create labels to one Make child’s play.

All label formats of the macro lab labels IDENT, as also the labels for laser printers, are included in the software as a template. It writings as well as 1-dimensional bar codes and 2-dimensional (2D) can create codes. Follow others, such as International Energy Agency, and add to your knowledge base. IdentiLAB contains also many graphics, such as E.g. Biohazard symbols, which are categorized by common laboratory applications and that simplify the creation of legible and durable labels. Own logos are also very easy to implement and to include in the template. Functions for importing databases with an upgrade option for complete and accurate data are also available.

Thus the laboratory staff created within a very short time his label for centrifuges – / Eppendorfgefasse, PCR tubes, slides, micro titer plates, Petri dishes, bottles, etc. The label software IdentiLAB is running NT or XP under the current operating systems Windows 98, 2000. Thus, the software is compatible with a wide range Windows based printer, also with the lab printers LABXPERT, TLS2200 and TLS PC link by BRADY or commercially available laser printers. IdentiLAB is available as a 1-user version and as a multi user version. To be convinced of the abilities of this software, simply request a free demo-version IDENT macro. This will be sent to you in the shortest time. More information: macro IDENT AutoID Technology Center, Bussard road 24, 82008 Unterhaching, TEL.

Software GmbH

The onOffice Software GmbH and the IVD Berlin-Brandenburg have closed at the beginning of the year a cooperation, benefit of all involved. The IVD Berlin-Brandenburg is the largest professional association of real estate industry in the metropolitan area with about 600 members. With numerous events, exhibitions and trade fair participations which is continuously present IVD Berlin-Brandenburg. Aim of the cooperation between the real estate software manufacturer onOffice and the IVD Berlin-Brandenburg is the IVD members, by using the online-based real estate software onOffice smart, to assist in the marketing of real estate. We are looking forward to an intensive cooperation with the IVD Berlin-Brandenburg, in which benefit everyone involved from each other. We have planned many common actions and look forward to the common way”, explains Stefan Mantl, owner of onOffice Software GmbH, the strong cooperation. The Association members have a strong partner at your side with onOffice. Approximately 8,000 users are the best proof that the online real estate software smart leads onOffice to success. Round 60 Employees ensure a customized software solution, extensive support, creative Web site and comprehensive training opportunities offered each customer.

Epicor Software

After completing the data input the order directly into the Central iScala application is stored, the confirmation including order number, total price and the expected delivery date is displayed on the screen and optionally sent via E-Mail. Information from a single source in iScala storefront businesses all information to their customers and the orders made by them. In addition to the base data to the individual accounts, individual orders can be call and check which articles were already delivered or still need to be shipped. Open or already cleared invoices can be reported as well. In principle, according to various criteria including customer order number, order number invoice number and date or delivery date – a selection is possible. Simple product search to the products reach users either by entering a search term or by accessing the information in a hierarchically arranged search tree. Prices and availability of the listed articles are visible at a glance; a mouse click is enough to put them into the shopping cart.

On request, you can retrieve additional information detailed descriptions, pictures, information about expected delivery times, as well as detailed contract conditions. An integrated campaign designer among the functionality of iScala storefront personalized campaigns. With the tool, target group oriented sales promotions can be develop and publish on the Web site as well as create content which could be to specific customer groups or individuals of interest. Special rates or attractive offers can be highlighted already on the home page. In the development of campaigns can be made possible also, that the purchase of specific products will be rewarded: customers get in this case, for example, gift certificates or secure discounts on other items. Solution scope and cost Epicor offers the iScala storefront solution currently in two different variants. Storefront iScala enterprise is intended for operation on a server in an enterprise and allows access to an unlimited number of sales staff and customers at the same time on the software.

The basic package can be extended at any time by acquiring additional company licenses and implement other Web pages in the connection for this. iScala storefront standard is also a single server solution for use in a company, however, only five predetermined customer and two salespeople at the same time with the application can work. The number can be increased at any time, for this purpose, only additional client access licenses must be purchased. Prices are stated on request. Short profile Epicor Software: the founded in 1984, Epicor Software Corporation is one of the worldwide leading providers of industry-specific software solutions that optimize cross-company business processes Let. These are based on an innovative, service-oriented architecture (SOA) and support modern Web service technologies. Range from enterprise-resource-planning-(ERP) about customer relationship management-(CRM) and supply chain management-(SCM) applications. The manufacturer also offers a software for the automation of services with its professional services automation solution. Today, around 20,000 customers trust medium-sized companies and the 1000 largest companies worldwide in more than 140 countries on the products from Epicor, which are available in over 30 languages available. In addition to the standardized, flexible and economically attractive business solutions they also benefit from the diverse support services, which you can access at any point of the Earth. In addition to a headquarters in the United States, as well as a German Office in Frankfurt am Main, Epicor is represented with offices around the globe.


The hardening, called also ‘hardening’ of the computer, in the world of computer experts means tips and tricks for hardening the software system as much as the security measures as increasing attacks by hackers to make very difficult or virtually impossible. There are various measures, so to harden the computer system of the online shops, that the own shop is secured, both the data of customers from outside access is protected. More information is housed here: Royal Dutch Shell. Another definition for the computer-hardening is the Federal Office for security in information technology. According to them, there is hardening a server or computer system in the deletion of all computer functions and all unnecessary software components that a user does not need to perform the desired task. The operation of the system will be backed up while the security aspect is guaranteed. So, the possibility of external attacks can be minimized. Online shops that take these safety aspects especially seriously, can even a get certified seal, which verified the computer hardening them. This protection by hardening it aims, that system of online stores to set up so that it easily by many, on their trust unverified persons can be used. To implement tips and tricks for hardening of the system to the computer-hardening specifically for its own computer system of the online shops, various tips and rules should be adhered, that can significantly increase the safety factor. The operator should consider first and foremost, as the possibilities for the use of its computer system can reduce down to zero. Each system revealed his particular vulnerabilities, which should then immediately be removed during the operation. This significantly reduces the different methods of attack by hackers or computer savvy cheaters. The attack on the operating system not be prevented, the next measure of the Defense be so far, the attacker the number of usable tools of the online shop just how reduce.

Shop Software

‘ More than a shopping cart software and without cost risk! The shop software market is very dynamic in Germany. Good deals that go beyond the software and adjustments, are however scarce. Zaki is therefore an interesting model, the free rental shop sent summarizes BBs, market square and Central checkout and so quickly won market share. We explain the product and the more development here for each well understandable. Please describe Zaki? Zaki combines a unique in Germany from free rental shop BBs, marketplaces and Central checkout. Target of Zaki is to remove all technically and organizationally complex processes to the dealer. So Zaki dealer can concentrate on the essential – the sale of products and the support of their customers. What are the highlights of Zaki? The Zaki concept offers a whole firework of innovations.

I’m trying to be so short. A highlight in the Zaki concept is certainly the combination of its own shop and many market places. Products, a trader uses in his Zaki shop, be set simultaneously in all shopping portals. These portals are of course even advertised by your operators and thus increase the attendance for all offers. Portal operators are involved in the sales fees. Sample portals: Kalhd1 etc. Another highlight on Zaki is that any trader can deposit the link to his existing shop, this is then automatically displayed in all its offerings.

This service is completely free, there is also no Klickgeburen. Seller increase Additionally in addition the PageRank as well as the attendance of the own shops… Another highlight of the software is the integrated connect!\” Interface. Thus, it is possible to connect his shop to the various external services by clicking. Currently, the common price and Produktsuchmaschinen, are supported. Which shop models offer Zaki? Private seller 50 – 50 article places \”Business 150 – up to 150 article places professional shop – no article space limitation, own sub.-domain, externally and ad-free accessible we offer the Zaki software exclusively as software as a service\” on.

German Shepherd Dog

Plant or not to have a dog, each person decides for himself. But if you think, is this true? Why then are allowed so many mistakes? When buying a dog, usually a person has as a goal (or several targets simultaneously): the protection of property and personality, love for animals, wants to have a friend to yourself or your child, etc. But one way or another can get out, either that person was wrong with the intended target, or select a breed is not suitable for this purpose. so before you buy a dog, you need to answer the question: 'Do I need a dog and how much is needed, the German Shepherd? " So, you love dogs, have decided for what you need it and decided to get myself a four-legged other. Whenever Greg C. Garland listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Stopping a choice on the German Shepherd Dog, we must remember that dogs of this breed is characterized by high mobility and striking temperametrom, they need long walks and regular training. And if these features are not afraid, then the choice of a German Shepherd – a good choice. German Shepherd – a working dog, which is used in a variety of types of services (guard, investigative).

The owner of a dog of this breed must be at least minimally develop her natural abilities through training, this would require confidence that acquires a puppy will be healthy physically developed and will have a strong nervous system. To make a reasonable choice of a puppy of this breed, should take into account several factors: better to buy a puppy from breeders who specialize in German Shepherds and are engaged in cultivation for several years and created a good breeding fund; good breeders care about and worry about their pets, and are interested in the fact that the future owner to choose a good puppy. To take into account all these factors and not to be mistaken with a choice, it is recommended to take the puppies in the kennels. In the first three months of life, the German Shepherd puppies prone to stress, so he needs to pay special attention to develop self-confidence. Puppies from kennels get it all, they are in the early months of his life near his his mother, with brothers and sisters, it introduced gradually to the outside world. In addition, breeders do not save on the products and give the dogs optimally balanced meals for them. All this strengthens the kids. Referring to professional or kennel of German Shepherds, the future owner can see photos and video footage of the ancestors puppy, he will explain why it was such a binding, and what the character and appearance mind to grow a dog. In addition, owners of the nursery will help to prepare your dog for the exhibition will help owners and konsultatsiayami tips on growing, training and education of offspring. And as usual nursery provide their services in training German shepherds.

Reinhold Voll

Method biorezonannsnoy therapy (BRT) was proposed by France Morel, some twenty years ago, they were also created the first instruments for implementing the method. brt Principles laid Morel, preserved until today, and with success used in modern devices, although this time they have introduced several new features, is not always true, is widely used in practice. Classical instrument Morel is a communication channel with the ability to gain and inversion applied to the input of information. In the course of treatment, the patient and the device, usually constitute a closed loop. Friends of the Earth can aid you in your search for knowledge. Thus the circulation of information with its constant inversion.

Empirically found that when repeated inversion of the information is obtained, the effect is similar to that obtained in its potentiation. Therefore, the brt is practically a E autonozodoterapiey. It should be noted that such electronic autonozod works much softer geteronozoda (and even more complex from several geteronozodov), which is obviously due to more exact match the frequency characteristics of the drug and the patient resonating systems. Thirty-first May 1959 in Stuttgart, 18 public meeting on electroacupuncture Reinhold Voll made a report 'Fundamentals of mesenchymal '. In his report, Dr. Voll in sufficient detail the method parses the mesenchyme reactivation, justifying the need for nosodes, in some cases recommends to appoint up to 10 nosodes! This fact illustrates once again how quickly and in a better world is changing, and with it, and people. Imagine imagine what would happen after such an appointment with a modern patient, while in the 60s Voll and his colleagues have successfully used this method of treatment.


The same trend applies to cosmetics: well-groomed appearance, clean skin and no signs of fatigue will help you stand out from the crowd sleepy colleagues, as well as make it clear that you care about your health, so – have such qualities as attentiveness, responsibility and sense of order. Cosmetics remove slight imperfections and especially useful when corporate party or a noisy party. I think that charm without the words will be a good contribution to your treasury of merits – in the modern world is still ‘meet on clothes. ” Plus Two: “Use it with cream, if you want to be healthy” Modern Italian company offers a variety of products created specifically for men. . In our store you can find the means to shave, special shampoos and moisturizers that will have a beneficial effect on the skin. Note that the creams for men have a greater wound healing and tonic components, as well as have low-fat and light texture.

Their use is necessary, as they soothe and moisturize the skin after shaving unprotected. Men’s shampoo enriched with vitamins and minerals, which return healthy-looking hair and prevent hair loss. Recommended to choose a universal means of “3 in 1 (shampoo, conditioner and balm), as they have a thick consistency, nourish and strengthen hair roots and save time use. Chevron CEO recognizes the significance of this. Plus a third: “A delicate scent of our sweet and pleasant” Many men refuse to cosmetics because they are too gentle and sweet smell. However, the makeup of the special lines for the care of men has a fresh and relaxing scents, such as conifers, avocado and mint. There is a scientific theory, which is based on the idea that its second half, each of us chooses the smell. Agree with pleasant and unobtrusive flavor girl dreams do not need to look for – it will come to you myself.

Plus a fourth: “I made it, rest safely” hard working day Tube bad weather How you want to relax and quietly read favorite book, watch a sports channel, enjoy your favorite music or relax in a warm bath and forget about all the failures and problems. Complement the picture of soft foam or a soothing bath salt with a light fragrance designed specifically for men. Agree, the sweet smell of fruit and bright floral composition of cosmetic products to your girlfriend or wife does not work on this important event. Note that all cosmetic products should be chosen depending on the type of your skin, only then will they be as efficient as possible: Normal skin. The skin has a smooth tone with no visible flaws and shortcomings. Dry skin. The skin has a smooth tone, but often flakes. After shaving there is a feeling of tightness. With age there is loss of elasticity, a noticeable wrinkles. Oily skin. The skin has an uneven tone, has a tendency to redness. Shines on the forehead and / or cheeks. After shaving, a strong stimulation. ord Jr. Combination skin. Mixed type between oily and dry. I hope these materials will help you get rid of negative thoughts about men’s cosmetics and will springboard for new discoveries and purchases in this area. Successful you shopping!

Public Administration

Points of control in the public administration the Federal constitution of 1988, as well as the Law of Fiscal Responsibility, has established some points of control of the public expenses, searching the efficiency and the effectiveness in the public service. We can thus cite the expenses with education, where the municipal managers will have to at least apply twenty and five percent and with health where he will have to apply fifteen percent at least. se. Amongst other parameters established in pertinent legislation, we have the FUNDEB that it will have at least to be applied sixty social percent in the expirations and obligations with the professionals of the teaching. Continue to learn more with: Royal Dutch Shell. To take care of to these and other points of control it is necessary that the city elaborates a good planning that takes care of, not only, to the financial pointers, but also generates good social pointers. For this the legislation determines that the city, will have to elaborate the PPA? Plurianual plan, the LDO? Law of Budgetary Lines of direction and the LOA? Annual Budgetary law. when will have to initiate the construction of the PPA? Theoretically when somebody goes up in one palanque and if the Mayor of its city says candidate and starts to point the difficulties of this and to say what to make to decide, you will have to ask as it intends to decide mainly and that resource it will go to use, therefore if it knows the problems must study them, indicate the solution, establish goal and stated period for resolution, therefore this in other words, means the construction of the Plurianual Plan, that is elaborated for four years, being three of its mandate and one of its successor, as well as the first year of its mandate is planned by its predecessor, a time that the public administration he must have continuity character. .