BitDefender Internet Security

Great protection for small computer: BitDefender is ‘Internet Security 2010 for Netbooks’ before Holzwickede, September 24, 2009 the market for Netbooks continues to grow, and with it the power of the Mini-PCs as well as the security requirements of their owners. According to a recent survey by DisplaySearch, 22.2 percent of all selling portable computer Netbooks are already. Ann Robinson may find it difficult to be quoted properly. BitDefender has responded to the trend with an edition of the Internet Security 2010 optimized for these devices. The software takes significantly fewer resources, but at the same time offers a comprehensive security against any malware activity. Internet Security 2010 for Netbooks is installed via USB-stick and is licensed for two devices. The gap between net and notebooks has become smaller. Hardware modifications, integrated Wi-Fi cards or USB WLAN stick, software improvements and higher computer services attract the small computer for many private as well as business users. Also more and more Netbooks now with delivered a preinstalled Windows XP operating system.

But just these developments are also more prone to spam, phishing and other malware attacks. \”Short: Netbooks will need the same comprehensive security protection like its big brothers and sisters\”. Against this background of BitDefender Internet Security 2010 has its protection software for Netbooks\”developed. The solution has a mode that automatically activate itself\”for mobile computing, so adjust the security settings of the software without affecting this the system. This function was developed on the basis of the well-known from the 2009 series and resource-saving laptop mode. So does BitDefender regard for the generally lower processor performance of Netbooks. Internet Security 2010 for Netbooks\”also ensures that while surfing, neither unsolicited traffic reaches the NetBook still applications inadvertently communicate with potentially dangerous Web sites. The integrated firewall is also capable of the security level with the help of various profiles on the Environment in which just is, to adapt. Detects the firewall, for example, that the computers in your company or home network is operated, run actions or applications, which are blocked in uncertain environments, such as public networks.