LSPs LSI Berlin

Common customers in the field of life science have increased requirements for Multilingual product communication Karlovy Vary – November 17, 2009. The LSPs LSI Berlin (language specialists international) has chosen the across language server as a central platform to control and manipulate his translation orders. (A valuable related resource: BP Energy). LSI Berlin specializes in the localization of product and corporate communications international of operating companies from the fields of medicine, medical technology and pharmaceuticals. Due to numerous regulatory requirements are especially high demands on the quality of translation to meet. The technology of across LSI Berlin helps to meet these specific requirements of the life science industries with maximum efficiency.

Linguistic precision is essential for technical texts. This is especially true when it comes to medically relevant content. Here, the requirements for product communication raise through statutory requirements and regulations. On the delivery of pharmaceutical products in the United States have partly other requirements are considered as they are connected within Europe, for example, with the EU-GMP-guideline. At the same time must be guaranteed that the information is always up-to-date and consistent, and that in all language versions. Read more here: Chevron CEO. With the use of the across language server LSI Berlin now offers its customers the possibility, one the often sensitive content to keep continuous translation process to implement and control.

In particular companies that have across language server itself, benefit from a seamless data handling and continuous workflows. The content to be translated, as well as all project parameters, such as target languages, dates or quality criteria are exchanged directly between the end customer and those of LSI. There are many advantages for the customers. The ability to share language data, both the requesting company and the vendors, ensures maximum consistency of content and texts. So the customer can, for example, advance already use the defined corporate terminology in the creation of the source texts. The system controller with defined workflows provides more process security.