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Garage, pantry grocery, pharmacy, hardware store, or the roof of the casa de los abuelos, may not be the first places in which someone thinks when you’re looking for new fashion accessories. The truth, these are some of the places where a few young designers and fashion illustrators who are part of the school of art and fashion design from Krakow (, those who have found materials in these places to create your bags made by hand with total originality. The end result is quite unique and original, but also elegant, intelligent and attractive. All designs were hand made with materials such as vinyl records, tins and boxes of soup. These ancient objects that seem useless and whose only destination is a dumpster have become pieces of style and fashion. Not only designed bags are an excellent demonstration of creativity of these students, but also show concern for the environment with a great interest in the importance of recycling. With these designs students demonstrated that nothing is too useless to transform into Couture and you don’t have to pay much money to have outstanding and original accessories from the crowd. Eco creativity, was part of a workshop which was attended by students to learn how to reuse objects and materials, how to create new models with old photos, different types of plastic, newspapers and make new shapes inspired in what have been found already discarded.

The design of handbags unveiled a great imaginative talent of students. Who would have thought, after all, that a metal screw could be the inspiration for a futuristic look industrial, a plastic tape offered a more avant-garde look, or maybe those black plastic bags offer a romantic style? In this way, these workshops focused on the natural talent of the students and strengthened their confidence, while encouraged them to take risks in a more creative way. After the workshops, the next step was to show the bags to the public. Together with the National Museum in Krakow, the school of art and fashion design, has combined a catwalk / art exhibition in one of the rooms of the Museum, which has gathered a large audience interested in these designs and concepts highly orignal.


Take your time reviewing laptops when are you going to buy a new one is time well spent, especially if you want to have the best laptop that covers all your needs. If you’re going to buy a new laptop, should first make a few simple considerations: 1 screen: what you’re looking for on the screen? Here we must consider resolution, size and definition. Remember that it is where you are going to have the view during all your sessions with your laptop. Be something comfortable for your view. 2 Portability: You’re going to move much with the laptop or you’re going to use mainly at home or in hotels? Weight having our new laptop is something to keep in mind.

Mostly because we are going to have to carry us. 3. Speed: Notebooks are generally somewhat slower than regular desktop computers. If speed is important for work you’re going to develop, pay special attention to details such as; CPU, HDD and motherboard. 4 Upgradable: Unfortunately there will be many things that you can update on your laptop so it is important to know that it is what you will need in the long term. Updates can be very expensive and some of them deserve more worthwhile buy another laptop.

Best thing is to buy a good laptop from the beginning. 5 Memory: This consideration may be the most important. Many portable low cost or second-hand, are being sold with 128 MB of RAM. Today is not enough for many applications in Windows XP or 2000. If you are going to use your laptop to write documents occasionally or surf the Internet, 128 MB would be worth you but even so, you’ll be more happy with 256 MB. Needless to say that if you go directly to 512 MB or more, much better. 6. Batteries: Lithium batteries are the most suitable. 7. Hard disk: you should consider a minimum of 40 GB. Anyway, as they say how much more better. 8 Hardware (DVD/MPEG-2): When you buy a new laptop, the more secure is that this device already comes built-in by what won’t that worry. Anyway, make sure that it comes integrated. 9 Price: The cost of a computer should be one thing that we have in mind before purchasing. There are many prices and intense competition, which is good for the buyer. The secret is in review and looking at everything is possible and not settle for the first portable models that we see. 10. Warranty: This point there is usually no problems already that by law (at least in Spain), in the purchase is directly included a 2 year warranty. Still, you are where you are, you can ask the seller about this topic. If you buy the laptop over the Internet, do it in places of recognized trust and read the terms of purchase. Conclusion making you these 10 considerations makes sure that what you buy will pair long, and you will not have to repent after a few months. A laptop is not a toy or a cheap thing. Give some time for these ratings will help you enough.

Site Development

Make a website is not so easy – many people think that creating a site – it is only the development of design, writing content and content management system. But, in fact – it all starts with careful planning goals and objectives of the site. Assessment of competitors online – the second point, when you create a web resource. Estimating competitors' sites, you can expect that you should place on this site and what does not. What will your site have advantages over competitors' sites. Also, you will know who and what takes place on the issuance of the search – which is also very important. All the achievements and ideas are reflected in the technical project on development sites.

Usually it contains the list of tasks that will decide site, methods to solve them by means of methods of portal development, a description of the design, structure, navigation, site content, as well as cost and time of work. After that, the experts, guided by the terms of reference, commence construction of the project. First, the typeset page templates, designers develop the necessary graphics, and software programmers to work site and its content. During the testing phase project, it is being tested in different browsers, performance site for many visitors and the opportunity to work with the site at a low speed internet. Ideal site – fast, with easy navigation, and most importantly – interesting to the user. Only under these rules a user turn it into your company for the purchase. It is very important that the text and the source code pages have been optimized for such search machines, such as Yandex, Rambler, Google. Thus, your portal will be visited more often, and it is – a huge step towards the initial goal.

After testing the site, it is updated on the server with a domain purchased for him. As can be seen, the creation of websites – it is complex and laborious process. Above it runs a lot of professionals: artists, web designers, programmers, administrative, flash animators, content managers, testers, optimizers, specialists promotion and advertising. And only through the coordinated work of all those people on the Web can be a new high-quality website that will successfully meet its objectives.

Windows Vista

Windows 7 is the latest operating system. This Microsoft program was launched October 22, 2009.anos soon put on sale Windows Xp and Windows Vista, which brought many improvements that distinguished them from Windows ME and 2000. It has recently run the rumour that the next operating system will be based on cloud backups. A few days earlier, a Microsoft employee, leaked information about what could be the next Windows. He wrote on his blog that the working groups that have been created will transform the expectations that the public has in front of a PC and how to use it.We speak of the PC of the future. It should be noted that nothing is safe because it could have been a joke or a way to attract publicity to the company. Facial recognition in Windows 8 Microsoft unveiled its next software information, noting that that program will have facial recognition. This means that the user only need sitting in front of the monitor to log into your account. He was also reported that a fast startup & shutdown button is added. This just wait for next year which will give more details about that system operativo-Windows 8-. Original author and source of the article


But the threat was real. In December 1942, Dwight D. Eisenhower was appointed to the rank of general assignment of the next commander in chief, and then Supreme Commander Allied Expeditionary Forces in North Africa and the Mediterranean. Under his leadership, the Allies conducted an offensive operation, codenamed 'Cake' – ('Torch'), in which American expeditionary force landed smoothly in Morocco. However, the allied landing in North Africa, as well as the entire operation "Torch" has meant in practice that a second front in Europe again postponed indefinite period. By mid-May 1943 fighting in North Africa ended. Politicians in the U.S. and Britain were discussing the question in what direction to develop further the strategic efforts of the Allies.

Eisenhower continued to consider it necessary to first cross the English Channel and landed in France to begin the main task – to conduct rapid and direct military operations against Germany, but policy objectives have led Western allies again postpone the opening of a second front in Europe. Instead, the conference Casablanca, it was decided to attack Sicily. Again, this amphibious operation, which was a success, headed by General Eisenhower. From December 1943 until the victorious end of World Eisenhower was supreme commander of the expeditionary forces the Allies. Under his leadership, planned and carried out the largest amphibious operation 'Overlord'. For the landing on Normandy coast were collected enormous forces: on the eve of the invasion of France, they had 39 divisions, 2,876,439 men and officers (20 American, 17 British, 3 Canadian, 1 French, 1 Polish divisions).