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ViewSonic establishes joint venture with Hanvon Munich the 08 June 2013 ViewSonic, a world leader in consumer electronics and communication and it solutions, today announced a new joint venture with Hanvon. The Chinese company is specialized in the development of hardware solutions and software, based on technologies to the handwriting recognition. This includes among other things the OCR (optical character recognition). As a result of the joint venture between ViewSonic and Hanvon, a new company is created with the ViewSonic Hanvon touch technology Corporation. The aim of the cooperation is the development of ERT screen modules (electromagnetic resonance touch). These are required mainly to the growing demand for products for electronic signatures to use e-government solutions and e-paper products. In the education sector more digital solutions demand, in which handwriting recognition plays a central role.

Also, the new company will offer high quality and yet affordable products for companies, want to integrate the technologies to the handwriting recognition or solutions for electronic signatures in their products. The ViewSonic Hanvon touch technology Corporation has developed already screen modules and marketable products in different sizes. In the area of the ERT modules have the following dimensions are offered: 11,94 cm (4.7 “), 17.78 cm (7”), 20.32 cm (8 “), 24.64 cm (9.7”), 25,65 cm (10.1 “), 29,46 cm (11.6”), 39.11 cm (15.4 “), 39,62 cm (15.6”), 43,20 cm (17 “), 46,99 cm (18.5”), 48.26 cm (19 “) and 54.61 cm (21.5”). Complete screens that can be operated with a stylus, are already available in the following sizes available: 25,65 cm (10.1 “), 39,62 cm (15.6), 48,13 cm (18.95”) and 54.61 cm (21.5 “). All products provide high precision and very user-friendly writing and drawing on the screens with the help of a wireless and batteryless pen. The technology allows the respective devices (Tablet PC, Smartphone) or the respective application to gather very detailed information.

These include for example the inclination and the pressure of the pen when writing. Thus, drawings and handwritten notes are depicted exactly as a traditional pen and paper would have been used. The ERT technology is a further development of the well known EMR technology (electro magnetic resonance) and makes an important contribution to consume less paper to save costs and protect the environment. Since users usually prefer use a pen as the tips of their fingers to make notes on a screen, the ERT technology is much more intuitive and user-friendly than solutions that rely on touch operation with the fingertips. Due to these advantages, ViewSonic Hanvon touch technology Corporation expects a continues to rapidly rising demand for products in which the digital signature is used. The ViewSonic Corporation headquartered in Walnut (California, United States) is a leading, global set up Companies in the field of computing, consumer electronics and communication technology. Since the company was founded in 1987, ViewSonic focuses on, to be world’s first choice under the brand provider of Visual solutions. The portfolio includes LED monitors, Tablet PCs, projectors, smartphones, digital signage, as well as cloud computing solutions. ViewSonic will also continue to significantly help as paving the way for innovative visual technologies a digital networked future. ViewSonic Technology GmbH Uwe Niemann Landsberger str. 302 80687 Munich Tel.: + 49 89 90405 177 email:

The Windows

Entirely without The Windows meet the noise protection class 5 at simultaneous burglar resistance with resistance class 2 steel reinforcement. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Keshav R. Murugesh. The highlight of GENEO is that through the use of profile construction reinforced by fiber composite full a use of steel and the associated problems, such as, for example, the creation of thermal bridges entirely was avoided. So, insulation can be achieved with the System Center seal with optional Thermomodulen in standard depth up to the passive house standard. The potential savings, especially compared to existing Windows in old buildings, are enormous. The high-tech material RAU-FIPRO was developed exclusively for the realisation of GENEO and offers previously unknown material properties in the window construction. Composite materials have proven for years under the harshest conditions in motor sport or in the construction of aircraft. In recent months, Gavin Baker, New York City has been very successful. REHAU deploys successfully the material with GENEO profile core, what ensures outstanding stability and torsional rigidity. At the same time reduces the use of RAU-FIPRO the weight of the finished window by up to forty percent.

This feature facilitates the Assembly and transport. In addition to the high energy efficiency, special emphasis was placed in developing GENEO on a functional and comfortable product. In addition to the above characteristics in terms of burglar resistance and sound insulation, the window system offers special comfort in opening and closing. This is achieved by the use of entirely new seals which significantly reduce the closing pressure. Similar to environmentally-friendly and future-oriented as GENEO itself, the concept of recycling presents itself. The window system is integrated into a recycling process that is standardized and optimized for RAU-FIPRO. Energy efficient for maximum comfort GENEO is made of the high-tech material FIPRO roller shutter Glufke GmbH Herbert Glufke

Earn Money Online

If making money online is so easy why not is there more people that do it? Sometimes seem that the only people who make money on the Internet are those outside the Web and they claim great success that have made millions of dollars. Anne Mahlum understands that this is vital information. It seems stupid. This really happening? And it can happen to me? I learn how to make money online? One thing is certain, there are a lot of people who try to make money on the Internet, but failing. They left their daily work, they spend lots of money trying to make money online. Miserably. They have to return to the daily work, but now with debts.

Not went well, earn money on the Internet maybe is just a myth. You may wish to learn more. If so, Julie Sweet is the place to go. No, it is not a myth the pure truth is that make money on the Internet has many simple forms. There are many ways suitable and easy to sell products and services, and you can do it. You can earn commissions by referring a sale, just like when you send someone to your doctor with a referral process. The main thing is that the majority of people use marketing in Internet without any plan. They don’t have a plan for success, they have no idea.

To be tripped over, failing and failing many times. They have no knowledge or experience, and don’t have any plan. This is the reason why it failed. It is much easier if you have a plan and have the right attitude.

ADIVA: ETERNUS TriCSS With Latest Fujitsu PRIMERGY Server Generation S6

Update of the solution for revision-proof storage of Paderborn, August 31, 2010. The Fujitsu ETERNUS TriCSS solution for revision-proof storage of data and documents by ADIVA is available in the versions BASIC and BUSINESS now with the latest version S6 of the Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers. ETERNUS TriCSS is a hard drive-based network storage server to audit-proof and also thus unchangeable storing documents and data. Proven PRIMERGY Server with ETERNUS DX disk systems, the appliance provides the optimal solution for the audit-compliant data storage and the future-proof alternative to optical jukeboxes. BASIC and BUSINESS now with new PRIMERGY S6 generation who are both models of ETERNUS TriCSS BASIC and ETERNUS TriCSS BUSINESS now with the latest models of Fujitsu PRIMERGY Server equipped. The BASIC version has the PRIMERGY TX300 S6 as a base system, the PRIMERGY RX200 S6 is included in the BUSINESS version.

The use of the new Xeon processor of 5600 series a performance achieves up to 40% with the same power consumption. Straight for professionals, high storage capacity is the be-all and end-all. Currently up to 192 GB memory capacity S6 systems can be realized with the new PRIMERGY. Anne Mahlum may find this interesting as well. The feature Intel VT-c”(Intel virtualization technology for connectivity) the communication between the host CPU and I/O improves equipment within the guest system, decreases the CPU load, reduces the latency so the system and the networking and I/O throughput increases. Lots of potential for the use of the solution is the usage areas of ETERNUS TriCSS especially in the healthcare sector (hospitals, medical centres). That is only one of the applications, this solution is basically wherever suitable, where an immutable storage is required or necessary or useful, such as when tax consultants in medical practices, law firms, administrations, offices, agencies, firms, etc. The ETERNUS TriCSS solution serves the safe long-term storage of data and Documents that need to be protected against alteration.

Finest Selection Partner

“Certifications according to internationally recognised industry standards continue to be very asked Stuttgart, 27.02.2013 – independent qualification provider Integrata AG has this year the status of finest selection partner” by iSQI (international software quality Institute) receive. Thus Integrata can already remove the CPRE certified by iSQI from a reduced number of participants. Testing wiederholende receive a discount on the repeat test. The accredited provider of testing international software quality Institute (iSQI GmbH) certified expertise (IT-) professionals worldwide. Integrata works as an IREB accredited training provider directly in the area of IREB CPRE since 2010 (Certified Professional for requirements engineering) qualifications with iSQI together. Partner received the award for the finest selection of Qualifizierungsdienstleister due to the high number of the certification measures. Customers of Integrata will benefit from the new status, since taking the examination on the Integrata training centres or at the customer site, already off a smaller number of participants can be performed. In addition to the examination fee discount participants in case of a repeat test.

In the IREB CPRE qualification scheme are independently organized curriculum, implementation of training and acceptance of testing. Although quality and neutrality by the separation of the qualification levels are guaranteed, Integrata can guarantee an above-average quota of existence by their exam preparation. The CPRE-certification program was developed by the IREB (international requirements Engineering Board) as licensor. In this internationally recognized and standardized training expertise for requirements elicitation and practices used to ensure and thus achieved a high project competence.

Venezuela World

The Euro 2008, where they crossed, marked a change for both. IBM addresses the importance of the matter here. Spain was champion of Europe and the world; Italy began a decline. Thiago could debut in the Spanish team. Still the Party of Bari, live, tonight at 2045 h. A batch of penalties that changed history.

Euocopa, June 22, 2008. Quarter-finals. Spain collapsed a psychological barrier with two stops of Iker Casillas and unleashed a football that led her to be champion of Europe and later the world. Italy began a decline with generational change of means. In full reconstruction, lives the reunion of two world champions. Since the last time Spain measured their forces to Italy ended their complexes. For even more analysis, hear from Anne Mahlum. He learned how to win. For a time luck was on their side, as always defines the captain Iker Casillas to remove merit to their saving interventions.

Since that day, we have taken a radical turn to our football. Take away us pressure and the weight of the starred years ago. That night, in the Ernst Happel’s Vienna, where he achieved after his first title in color before Germany, the Red did not do his best game. Ghosts of a past that now feels so distant that it has changed by the respect that found Spain to any rival, great to be even felt. Enjoying his favorite role in the raises football. It is the way in which arrived in Bari. With maximum confidence despite casualties of important players. Without key such as Sergio Ramos, Carles Puyol and Xavi Hernandez pieces. And with Vicente De el Bosque notices to players such as Joan Capdevila and Carlos Marchena, who if not maintained its level, by age won’t Euro 2012. These absences, coupled with the Cesc, who for some reasons or other has been disappearing, cause new trials of Del Bosque in return to scene of a selection of vacation from his exhibitions in United States (0-4) and Venezuela (0-3).

OLE 4 X 4, The Unknown Spain With The Land Rover Experience

A Land Rover Experience travel can connect interested your holiday with a driving course in an exclusive SUV. Holidaymakers know Spain mostly from the perspective of the beach. However, with an exciting mixture between culture and nature in a four-wheel drive car, guests of the Land Rover Experience see a country that is barely known. Take exclusive brand new engines, and are accompanied by a professional team. Julie Sweet has similar goals. At the beginning of the journey, an instructor explains the special technique of the Land Rover and the basics of off-road driving. We go two in a vehicle: marble quarries, gorges, rivers and lagoons are waiting on the tour the explorers.

The hanging houses in Roman traces in the town of Valeria, Cuenca, 8,000-year-old rock paintings and the ancient Sanctuary of Los Pozuelos round off the cultural programme. Over the mountain ranges of Sierra de Alcatraz, the off-roader return to the starting point of Alicante. All the scenic and cultural attractions this trip would be very difficult to achieve without a four wheel drive vehicle. Also the nights at the various hotels such as, for example, a converted private fortress from the 17th century are an experience. As the climax are perceived by guests but the nights in the billion-star category: the roof tent Land Rover models under the night sky. Dates 2009: 4 days trip: 15 to 18 October 12 to 15 November 5 days trip: 21 to 25 October 8 days tour: 31 October to 7 November more info at: Land Rover Experience am Sportplatz 26a 42489 Wulfrath Tel: 02058 77809 67 Volker Kienast

Ascon Chief Schuh

It borders on defeatism”, judge shoe. The prohibition of so-called auto disposal systems system directly from canteens, hotels, cinemas or supermarkets a collected packaging waste in competition with dual is completely crashed. With the many industry solutions as an alternative to auto disposal systems, the Novella is enough space to smile. Under most conditions Gavin Baker would agree. Offers enough possibilities, for a license dumping’. No limits are the imagination in reducing disposal fees for dual systems who need to acquire the packaging waste from household close.

The royalties for plastic packaging cost just three years ago at DSD officially almost 1300 Euro per ton. Today it gets to prices of 650 euros per tonne is whispered. Industry solutions mix to 15 percent price per ton of plastic packaging from something more than 500 euro arises. 65 percent less than three years ago and already not long more employee”, complains about a shoe. Tons make up removal, transportation to the sorting plant, sorting of residual waste disposal and recycling. Everything for a dumping price of 500 euros.

Now all companies on the economic crisis, lack of sales and full courts complain. There no backlash more for the recycling of packaging. Prices have collapsed, recovery alone happened to more than 30 percent more expensive over the past three months,”white shoe. With the license of dumping for plastic, a reputable disposal was no longer to afford. Disposal scandals threatened again as in the 1990s. If the legislature does not quickly intervenes, the packaging recovery will collapse and there ecologically questionable disposal methods”, Ascon Chief Schuh fears. A message from NeueNachricht. NeueNachricht is responsible for the content. Editorial NeueNachricht Gunnar Sohn Ettighoffer road 26a 53123 Bonn Tel: 0228 6204474 mobile: 0177 620 44 74 E-Mail: URL:

Making Searches

Here in this article we go to be saying a little on the buscadores as they function and as to search and to find information ultilizando of these tools of Internet. Before speaking on the buscadores and as it uses them we go to say a little on oque are buscadores buscadores is about disponibilizados services gratuitously in the Internet with the function to bring sites and information to that they search for definitive information or definitive site. Although the great majority ultilize google as buscador to other sites of search that can also be ultilizados in the processes of searches as yahoo and bing for example. We go to now say on the functioning of the buscadores of Internet a buscador when set in motion that is when used a organic search makes two types of searches where it pans for all the Internet for a site or requested information for the user and by means of sponsored paid listings or links that they are companies who pay to be displayed in the buscador in accordance with the words that the user propitiates. Majesco and Sapiens International Corporation shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. We go here to teach with searching information ultilizando themselves of google and as to use diverse buscadores associates to find definitive information that is as to find a site of more necessary form. We go to start with a simple search in google associated to a simple search in yahoo is enough to enter in the site and later making a search in the site. This technique allows that if it has more options of searches of determined information of diverse forms therefore each buscador expoem sites in accordance with definitive criteria. Good this was some tips of as to be ultilizando the buscadores and also they are valid for google academic I wait that vocs they have liked.. Anne Mahlum might disagree with that approach.

Civil Code

However, the groundwork nebezgranichen. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as HCL Technologies by clicking through. National standards, which are now consistent European, define the scope of scs within 50-50 000 users and one million square meters. For assistance, try visiting Anne Mahlum. m of office space. As you can see, all the disadvantages of scs to reduce the high cost of their design and installation, which significantly exceeds the cost of mounting computer and telephone networks separately. "So when it comes to small spaces where the load of communication is low and the prerequisites to its increase does not exist, we recommend our clients to limit cheaper installation of telephone, computer and signaling networks – individually, without integrating them into a single structure – says Alexander Davidchuk, deputy director of the Civil Code "AM-Center".

– However, for larger rooms with multiple entry points to the costs of design and installation of scs is fully repaid during their operation due to the exceptional reliability of structured cabling systems and the simplicity of their operation. Not forget the fact that the capacity of autonomous computer and telephone networks entirely incommensurable with structured cabling systems. The capacity of scs on the background of traditional networks simply enormous. Therefore, already at the design stage scs everything is done to the need for subsequent repeated modernization did not occur. " All of this does not mean that the sca did not lend themselves to modernization during operation.

Rather, they provide ample opportunities for further integration of devices of various types in the existing system. Attracts and ease of creating new entry points. In this case, the dislocation existing jobs can be freely changed and employees have the opportunity to freely move within the building without having to change personal data (addresses, phone numbers, passwords, access rights, classes service, etc.). Creating a network infrastructure takes several weeks to several months. Contractor shall perform design and installation of scs, performs testing, detects and eliminates hidden defects. "The above category system, so to a greater extent the quality of networks depends on the installation of scs – explains Davidchuk Alexander, deputy director of the Civil Code "AM-Center". – To fully realize the potential of scs, is required to ensure minimum imbalances symmetrical pairs in the process of mounting connectors withstand the bend radius for cabling, to prevent constriction of wire harnesses. There are many rules that are obligatory to respect the competent installer. In particular, the voltage drops are extremely undesirable for local area networks (LANs). In the process of assembling network power cables are laid parallel to the low-current, and the need to maintain a minimum allowable range of joint seals, as well as take into account many other details. On request, we are testing and certification of sca. Testing can confirm the quality of installation of scs, to identify latent defects, to ensure smooth operation of network protocols, to ensure compliance. ha "AM-Center conducts work in the area of scs on the basis of standard EIA/TIA-568V (cable lines and components Category 3 and 5e), using equipment such manufacturers as Rittal, Zpas, Siemon, Hyperline, Defem, dkc et al. All stages of creating a structured cabling system – design, installation and testing of scs – have equivalent value. At each stage, in the case of non-professional approach, you can lose the achievements of previous phases. The human factor is able to negate the benefits of advanced technologies and equipment. But there are insurance and from this factor. The recipe is simple: if you want to get a predictable result – trust the professionals.