Alfredo Dumitrescu

Here, the nested a parasite can cause miscarriages. Also different reasons may exist on pages of the man. Therefore the partners in each case should be also organic study and, if necessary, treat. A poor sperm quality can be improved, for example, with zinc and selenium. In practice Dumitrescu in nearly a third of the cases there are problems in men, appreciates the physician. However, the most important factor in the face of a pregnancy lack of is the psyche. As a rule for all couples with fertility, not too much on the goal of pregnancy”to stiffen. Tension and stress block a spontaneous conception.

In addition, many people but also the subconscious plays a prank. The fear the child could take something away them slumbers as frequently in men. Envy, no matter what, sometimes is a factor preventing conception among women. Also the own birth could be obstructive “, lists other reasons to Dumitrescu. This is surprising only in the moment. Given all of the things we now know about the power of the subconscious mind and its ability to store memories, it is quite evident.

The woman was such a difficult birth, which often leads to a bad conscience towards the mother. The subconscious denied the possibility of a similar experience. This blocking can be led out homeopathically or kinesiologisch. In addition, also the location of the bed can play a decisive role. The roost of a geopathic stress is exposed, runs including a water vein, is urgent need for action. It’s the same with electro smog in the bedroom. Health takes place not only in the body, the mental and emotional factor is at least equivalent. This is our guiding principle in my practice for holistic medicine. Each person is an individual with own Forms, feelings and desires and is then treated. Especially on the issue of fertility, there are as many promising treatments. Each of them is a reason to not give up hope “, says Dumitrescu to his treatment successes. Anke p has already set up the nursery. The name for their child is already clear. She is overjoyed that a recommendation led them into practice by Alfredo Dumitrescu. With her in practice Dumitrescu, a weakness of the mucous membrane-bound immune system could be treated successfully. At the new place to sleep she has become accustomed quickly. The trauma of her own birth surprised Anke p. itself and was led out psychokinesiologisch. She learned much about themselves and their bodies during the treatments. And that’s now in the pregnancy just so next “, she laughs merrily. Dr. Uta Hessbruggen,