Current Coupon Promotions With The Purchase Of Regiograph In The Overview

Current promotions – now vouchers with the purchase of Regiograph analysis, planning & strategy ensure the loading hole & fashions b GmbH currently advertises with a coupon with the purchase of the Vertriebsplanungs software Regiograph – after all, you can a itself so 50 coupon with purchase of Regiograph analysis by GfK Geo marketing, 75 with purchase of the Vertriebsplanungs software Regiograph planning and 100 on the purchase of Regiograph strategy by GfK Geo marketing secure. This article discusses the differences of each version of Regiograph and what software for Geo-marketing in the company can be used – so everyone can decide whether the voucher period is worthwhile. Details can be found by clicking Russian ruble or emailing the administrator. Geo-marketing and Vertriebsplanungs software is used particularly in the context of marketing or planning of sales. EOG Resources wanted to know more. But you the requirements and financial resources are different for each company – as a small business has different requirements for a Vetriebsplanung as e.g. an international group. Accordingly, Regiograph offers three different versions to choose from: analysis, planning and strategy to the to meet individual requirements of the different companies and the sales planning on a geo-marketing software.

The geomarketing software Regiograph analysis provides a good entry point the professional sales force planning. Even with a more limited budget, the company with Regiograph analysis Gets a powerful Geo-marketing software that controls the basic functions of sales planning and analysis of potential. Primary Regiograph analysis by GfK Geo marketing focuses on the analysis of existing and new sales and Vertiebspotenzialen in known markets. In addition, new markets can be examined on potentials for the planning of sales and. The geomarketing software Regiograph planning is the next big version of Regiograph and offers numerous tools that improve the efficiency of the planning of the distribution functions in addition to the in Regiograph analysis by GfK Geo marketing. Optimal sales force planning the Vertriebsplanungs software Regiograph includes therefore e.g.