Divine Begins

I assume that it is nothing new for most people who read this, that you can have also an other way apart from the material, which requires that lives an invisible-acting behind all the Oberflachlich that appears. And for this reason the below mentioned by me will be divined at least if not even learn. We just jump to the people who develop other senses such as the physical or for the functions of the subtle body Open. Man in addition to the physical seeing of materiellen phenomena, also to perceive different, namely the previously invisible, intangible, begins the unthinkable, which lives in the things or even behind the things in this case. He developed the ability to be empathic, intuitive to know accept it an inner voice, and he begins contact to accept contact with the consciousness, which is directly linked to these phenomena.

And it begins to slow from the strong identification to vanish off connection with the physical. “Begins so the phenomena in contact with, which are outside of our material world view and what we as a subtle” call. And he is in the course of time with this in mind continuously maintain relationship, what inevitably a rapprochement, is round drawn feel, an imagining of related to his brings. Disseminate, if this relationship is still maintained and cherished (and this Continuous care is absolute condition for a thriving in this direction) is feel of aligning set similarity, and the man can identify itself from this moment with the consciousness, which we call the GottliChe, the original of all. This means that at this moment, he knows that he is not his body, not his feelings, not his birth, that he has this consciousness everything only temporarily, to human experience”to collect. That he, the man who essentially consciously be is, which considered all of these things and in this case as deliberately perceiving being, which temporarily is a body at disposal, all that can to abdicate best use of earthly and exploit. So has a body and not the body. With what is not material and transitory demnach, namely feels the close, what not flies or loses itself feels related, with the Divine and eternal in itself. Wiederum, this means that we in this case already with some have identified us, which is subject to not the transience and need therefore nothing to worry about, something to lose. On the contrary, we support what is changing, is so ephemeral, because we know that this is part of the natural transformation process and we therefore perceive the transformation rather than at the end, as the ultimate death loss so as a constant flow of the birth as a willkommenen profit of the infinite unfolding process of that is basically the life. Things come and go, we stay divine beings.