Epicor Software

After completing the data input the order directly into the Central iScala application is stored, the confirmation including order number, total price and the expected delivery date is displayed on the screen and optionally sent via E-Mail. Information from a single source in iScala storefront businesses all information to their customers and the orders made by them. In addition to the base data to the individual accounts, individual orders can be call and check which articles were already delivered or still need to be shipped. Open or already cleared invoices can be reported as well. In principle, according to various criteria including customer order number, order number invoice number and date or delivery date – a selection is possible. Simple product search to the products reach users either by entering a search term or by accessing the information in a hierarchically arranged search tree. Prices and availability of the listed articles are visible at a glance; a mouse click is enough to put them into the shopping cart.

On request, you can retrieve additional information detailed descriptions, pictures, information about expected delivery times, as well as detailed contract conditions. An integrated campaign designer among the functionality of iScala storefront personalized campaigns. With the tool, target group oriented sales promotions can be develop and publish on the Web site as well as create content which could be to specific customer groups or individuals of interest. Special rates or attractive offers can be highlighted already on the home page. In the development of campaigns can be made possible also, that the purchase of specific products will be rewarded: customers get in this case, for example, gift certificates or secure discounts on other items. Solution scope and cost Epicor offers the iScala storefront solution currently in two different variants. Storefront iScala enterprise is intended for operation on a server in an enterprise and allows access to an unlimited number of sales staff and customers at the same time on the software.

The basic package can be extended at any time by acquiring additional company licenses and implement other Web pages in the connection for this. iScala storefront standard is also a single server solution for use in a company, however, only five predetermined customer and two salespeople at the same time with the application can work. The number can be increased at any time, for this purpose, only additional client access licenses must be purchased. Prices are stated on request. Short profile Epicor Software: the founded in 1984, Epicor Software Corporation is one of the worldwide leading providers of industry-specific software solutions that optimize cross-company business processes Let. These are based on an innovative, service-oriented architecture (SOA) and support modern Web service technologies. Range from enterprise-resource-planning-(ERP) about customer relationship management-(CRM) and supply chain management-(SCM) applications. The manufacturer also offers a software for the automation of services with its professional services automation solution. Today, around 20,000 customers trust medium-sized companies and the 1000 largest companies worldwide in more than 140 countries on the products from Epicor, which are available in over 30 languages available. In addition to the standardized, flexible and economically attractive business solutions they also benefit from the diverse support services, which you can access at any point of the Earth. In addition to a headquarters in the United States, as well as a German Office in Frankfurt am Main, Epicor is represented with offices around the globe.