Feel Arreglate

And it ends the year, an intense year in which the word that most resonated in our heads was Crisis. A year in which many times every day became heavy. But he has also been a year in which we learned that if crises exist and are not so bad if you look at them from the side of learning that always is positive. The crisis means a change, does not necessarily have to be bad. For example, a change of attitude in situations that are not as we expect. How I stop facing this situation. I leave my body to express outwardly how bad I am? O do I predispongo positively externally?, me maquillo, me comb, me perfumo, I look in the mirror and something inside me automatically begins to feel a little better. The choice is always ours, there is always a moment in which we decided on how to confront the situation that touch us to confront.

Feeling pretty lifts us self-esteem, predisposes us better. I invite you to try. A day in which you see the world upside down, front your mirror sentative applies a little eyering corrector, a base makeup, mask, eyelashes, blush, and lip gloss. Kodosky, spraying your body with a rich aroma. Now back to look at yourself in the mirror…Did something change?