All processes in the light of new technologies and methodologies and not to wrap the ego who is convinced of having created the company more efficient and productive as possible with his leadership and intervention should be reviewed in times of crisis. Efficiency is a relative concept and should be examined in horizontal comparisons with peers sector within and outside the country, especially with the leaders and in vertical comparisons with whom they supplied or require your product or service and how they use it or they could get to produce it when you are not your best alternative. All processes are susceptible to improvement, late or early there will be someone who can make it better or more efficiently or technology that ensures the same or better results at lower cost. Creativity and innovation will always be at the service of those who want to use them to be better and take advantage of its existence. Click this computer is a phrase so trite that it has begun to lose its meaning, it has become so impersonal and little appreciated, as the protocolary greeting given to people on the street or at the reception of a building. Click computer seems so obvious behavior, which for the same reason nobody cares about its compliance. In many companies people work in group, that is in the company of others, with some degree of communication and physical closeness and that usually call it team.

A team true is the one that people who are part of the group, at the same time are the perfect complement to the successful completion of an activity. Not enough that each one is efficient in what they do, must be efficient in which contributes to the goal of the Group and the way as complements to their co t.92 to achieve the individual benefit and common at the same time. Imagine a team consisting of real stars, but that don’t get results. 11 of the best archers in the world placed on a football field are not enough so that they can be considered as a team. Computers require members to be supplementary to each other, i.e. people with skills and common capabilities that can contribute to the realization of a common work when someone is missing or need support because activity goes beyond its possibilities of time or effort to perform them. In the case of the football team, is supplemental a striker that can replace another striker who was injured in the event of injury. But also need supplementary members, i.e.

those that provide knowledge and that others do not possess and skills that are necessary for the success of the activity. On the soccer team, defenders, midfielders, the goalkeeper and fronts, are complementary because each possesses some skills that put them together make it possible the efficient realization of the proposed group activity. So that make equipment is not having groups of people working together, is to ensure that their knowledge and skills, complement efficiently to each other to be competitive and successful. Make equipment in times of crisis I mean to accept and give help to others for rowing together and leaving the rapids as winners.

Five Steps To Recover A Lost Love

It is possible that it is within a fierce battle, if you decided to recover the lost love of long ago. Many people these days reach a point when they realize that things could be better if they had taken another path. If you realized that the love that had long ago it is exactly what you need and want. The following five tips will help you decide what to do if you really want to recover lost love from long ago. 1. Make sure that not to endanger something important in your life now. Do not repeat the mistakes of the past, could be losing opportunities they already had in the past and losing what little they have now. Don’t miss something really good in your life now and not repeat the mistakes of the past.

If you don’t like looking at the past to realize how good you missed, don’t let these things happen again. It is better to have love now instead of retrieving the lost love of long ago because we don’t see things from the correct perspective. 2 There is a possibility that your love already lost not feel nothing. If you are unhappy with your reality and is ready to experiment again to turn on the flame of love and to retrieve the lost love, does not want to say that your ex is willing or ready to do the same. You can worsen things even further, opening up old wounds. If you realize that your ex is happy, go ahead and let it be.

If really it is happy, you shouldn’t try to recover the lost love and you must concentrate on something more important. 3. The time can change people. Both could now be different than in the past. Do not try to live your life in a limited time frame. It’s retrieving that lost love, if you really think that your future will be better than the present and the past of your life. 4. Not the things you use caution, you have to start slowly. If you’d lost hope and suddenly came out of nowhere and started to strengthen ties, this could be a sign of desperation. If you really have desperation and need, you don’t need to prove it. Take your time and act so cold so you do not feel you very desperate to recover that love, at least not at the beginning of your new relationship. Allow time so that both can get to know each other again. 5 Think towards the future, not onwards Recalling the past. The life that matters now is forward. You cannot change the past but can do everything possible to change the future together. You have lost the love once, because one or both not had chance to change what they have to change and did not take seriously their opportunities. Both now have a new opportunity and chance to recover the lost love of long ago, has to take the time and make the most of this new opportunity.

You Accept The Compliments

Receive samples of recognition naturally will make us feel valued and safe; This brings, since then, a benefit for the people who surround us. It is a positive fact that others recognize what we do well. By the same author: Lever Brothers. However, there are people that is a problem, well because they tend to believe it too – adopting an arrogant attitude that can arouse the ridicule or criticism of others-, either by an excess of humility – or lack of self-esteem–that leads them to not believe that received recognition is justified or that are at the height of what was said. Those who reject the compliments – well because they downplay them, either because they ignore them – kick against their self-esteem. This rejection implies, on the one hand, devalue the own merit, noting that what has been achieved is not product of the personal effort, but of the circumstances or the mere coincidence; in this way, the person becomes its own saboteur, giving a picture of less validity. On the other hand, to refuse the recognition you are, somehow, despising who has done this and, it appears, therefore, questioning his judgment. At the same time, limits the possibility of receiving other compliments in the future; a stimulus that is very important to raise self-esteem.

The recognition we receive from others, should be understood and receive as a token of appreciation to our person and our comportamiento. It is worth making an effort to accept praise with naturalness, thanks, and if we consider it appropriate, respond with another compliment. In this way, we can face new challenges from a position of greater respect and safety, both to ourselves and to others. Have ready a phrase for when you halaguen for something! And don’t forget, you also, flatter with sincerity the team of y original author and source of the article

Feel Arreglate

And it ends the year, an intense year in which the word that most resonated in our heads was Crisis. A year in which many times every day became heavy. But he has also been a year in which we learned that if crises exist and are not so bad if you look at them from the side of learning that always is positive. The crisis means a change, does not necessarily have to be bad. For example, a change of attitude in situations that are not as we expect. How I stop facing this situation. I leave my body to express outwardly how bad I am? O do I predispongo positively externally?, me maquillo, me comb, me perfumo, I look in the mirror and something inside me automatically begins to feel a little better. The choice is always ours, there is always a moment in which we decided on how to confront the situation that touch us to confront.

Feeling pretty lifts us self-esteem, predisposes us better. I invite you to try. A day in which you see the world upside down, front your mirror sentative applies a little eyering corrector, a base makeup, mask, eyelashes, blush, and lip gloss. Kodosky, spraying your body with a rich aroma. Now back to look at yourself in the mirror…Did something change?

The Breach

Plant this seed in your head you will wonder why so easy you accepted the breach and in turn will have the Pan by the handle. During the separation, keep yourself busy with anything that has to do with your ex. take care of you! Don’t make you look like that they are readily available to your ex calls you or wants to see you. If you receive an invitation to see, be polite and tell him that you can’t and you have other plans. The only thing that you should not forget before you try to get along with your ex back is to be OK with yourself. Don’t rush to do something before you know that is exactly what you want. Return to be with your ex for the wrong reasons, it can cause a disaster in your relationship and, finally, start another break. If you are trying to get along with your ex with little clarity and imprecision back, I guarantee that the relationship will not last.

This means don’t keep grudges. Majesco and Sapiens International Corporation has firm opinions on the matter. When people are together again and the past cannot be side, it will cause problems. Even if you didn’t have no fault in the breakup, you must learn to forgive. If you can not do it, then go ahead. To forgive, not you’re saying to the other person that you agree with what they did to cause the rupture, simply means that you love enough to start a new beginning.

Most importantly, don’t take advantage of you, when they are back together. To be next to your ex again again you must forgive. Make it worthwhile to give you another chance before returning to be next to your former. By the same author: Vivek Jetley. Remember, every relationship involves a great amount of stress. If you were you who caused the rupture, make sure you do everything possible to make your ex feel security and love. And if you can not forgive the mistakes of the past and mailbags on face, it is time to move forward. The best advice I can give is that if you can not love closed fist, there is no way that you are able to love another person. Get along with your ex back is not an easy process, but if you do it correctly, it can be magical. Return with your ex in a short time? Visit: Back with your ex immediately.

The Fruit

What should I consider when selecting fruits? ** In first place, I agree to the freshest, but you can also buy them frozen or canned, provided you don’t have sugar added. ** You can also buy dried fruits (raisins are an example), but the portions should be small, because they have a high index Glycemic, or tend to raise your blood sugar level higher. Neither makes you feel satisfied (or) as when you eat fresh fruit. * Be careful with portions: choose, for example, a small or medium Apple or half of a large one. To get a quick idea of a proper portion, it is one that fits snugly in the Palm of your hand. If it will not fit it is a very large portion. HP Enterprise: the source for more info.

*Clean fruits thoroughly before eating, especially if you are going to eat the shell. This eliminates dirt and pesticides (especially apples, berries or strawberries). Marillyn Hewson does not necessarily agree. What fruit should I choose? Below we present a guide so you can choose, either by its content of carbon, fiber or glycemic index carbohydrates. Counting carbohydrates. A serving of fruit containing 15 grams dcarbohidratos. The serving size depends on the carbohydrates that has the fruit. If you choose one with a low content of carbohydrates, you can eat more fruit. But over time, the amount is what counts. Provided that the portion is 15 grams of carbohydrates (regardless of the fruit), the effect on blood glucose levels is the same. The following fruits contain 15 grams of carbohydrates (in the portions indicated): * banana (banana) small * cup chopped mango (83 grams) * 1 cups cubed watermelon (190 grams) * 1 cups (190 g) strawberries (strawberries) Total * Cup (124 g) pineapple (pineapple) cut into cubes * approximately cup of natural fruit juice (juice) * two tablespoons of dried fruit (such as raisins or dried cherries) If you want to eat more fruitsYou can override these carbohydrates by others in the dish, maybe the starches (pasta, bread, rice), or dairy products (cheese or milk).

That Do To Recover A Lost Love

Does someone from his past who has been thinking lately and would like to try again with that person? You must realize that it might be difficult to achieve it, unlike that he would get back with an ex who broke away last week. Times have changed since the last time spent together and it can have changed in a new be now. Learn more at: Julie Sweet. While he would like to return with this lost love from long ago does not mean that it wants to return with you. Both have changed and you can’t expect things to be like before when be first conocieron. One grows and changes and your ex can not be the person who once met and vice versa. Before you be thinking about your life, ask. There is something that can be lost if re-connections with his ex? Is there someone in your life that could be an alternative better for you? You broke up with his love lost long ago for some reason, but the problem is going to new volverde? Sometimes time can make forget bad things that sucedieron.

You do not appear at your door and tell you that you want to return with you. You must take it easy so you can have an idea of your attitude about yourself. He spends time getting to know them again like you also. It should not compromise plan to win back your ex, you must make the most natural look. If he realizes his real reason, you could finish it forever. If you would like to discover how to recover from a love lost now, go to win back a love, and find proven methods to repair a relationship.

Italian Equipment

Ancillary equipment for professional kitchens complete Italian company offers Metaltecnica accessories for a complete set of professional kitchens. The equipment is high quality, practicality, and fully complies with hygiene requirements. All equipment offered by a certificate of compliance and health certificate. The material is high quality stainless Food steel INOX 18/10 AISI (an alloy of chromium and nickel). A variety of workers and razrubochnye tables, tables of production, cabinets with hinged doors and doors wardrobes, wash tubs, racks, serving carts, including wood, canopies, tanks for the collection of waste – that's not the full range of equipment manufactured by Metaltecnica. The equipment is multifunctional and comfortable. For example, a table for processing of vegetables has a direct working surface cleaning and cutting, washing tub and a hole for waste disposal.

Table for processing meat and fish made by the same principle and has built-in cutting board made of polyethylene. All accessories equipment fully meets the requirements of the requirements, namely: is it safe to work at the expense of quality of processed corners and edges, has a stable position and height adjustment (where necessary), special sound absorption lining prevents vibration during operation, attractive appearance, fairly low price with high quality. A little look at some samples of the equipment, its design features and applications. Tables presented in the central carving, wall and corner versions. Tables are available with one or two shelves, with or without shelves. In the present embodiment, a wall skirting, protecting products from the fall, possible contact with the wall and splashing on the wall. Razrubochnye tables are designed for cutting meat and fish. Made of stainless steel with an overlay of extruded polyethylene thickness of 80 mm and equipped with holders for knives.

Tables, cabinets and closets are designed for long term storage of utensils and equipment in the kitchens. Tables, cabinets can be used as a conventional cutting table and at the same time serve to store cookware, kitchen utensils, different types of dry food, cutlery. Drawers can be equipped with GN. Quality material equipment can be used in various temperature and humidity conditions (washing of kitchen and tableware, hot shop, etc.). Shelf equipment is an essential part of warehouse and ancillary kitchens. Used to store food products, intermediate goods and equipment needed for cooking. Can not do without washing racks in offices where they are used for storage boilers, pots, pans, plates and glasses. Often shelving placed directly in refrigerators and freezers to store meat and fish semi-finished products, dairy products and other supplies. Canopies are also made from stainless steel and consist of a body Labyrinth filters and lights. Some models are equipped with additional fans. The principle of operation is quite simple: hot air with oil vapors drawn into the hood, passes through the labyrinth filter, and striking the its surface is removed from the premises. Upon impact, the filter oil is separated from the air and on special rail runs down into the holding tank from which it is periodically necessary to remove. Canopies are offered as in the wall and the central ways. A wide range of sizes allows you to pick up the equipment for rooms of virtually any size and shape.

Interior Decoration

Tapestries can be a great ornament of almost any interior. But it's worth noting that the best tapestries can manifest itself in large rooms or just a sufficient amount of free space. In XVIII century, when there were only a tapestry, they decorated the houses of wealthy citizens only. The price was high enough to tapestries, and afford such a purchase could only be secured by the people. The reason for this is that before the process of making tapestries was extremely laborious and lengthy. Often, for the manufacture of tapestry could take several months. Canvas for tapestry made of silk or woolen threads. For each tapestry create your own design, which is then transferred to the canvas.

In some cases, the tapestries were ornaments of silver or gold threads. Naturally, these products were valued extremely highly. Thus, original tapestries, and paintings produced by the same technology, were rare and expensive commodity. But such things are known that best emphasize the high social status of its owner and talk about it stable financial position. These days, when the production of tapestries became much less time consuming and costly, this stylish interior element can be found in many homes. This is not surprising. Indeed, new technologies production managed to preserve all the inherent advantages of tapestry, while significantly lowering their cost. These technologies include, first of all, computer engineering designs of tapestries and modern methods print on the finished canvas. Tapestry in the modern interior – is more than just a great decoration.

Flame Retardant

And in fact, and in another case, a need for financial investment. That is, there is a closed range. Moreover, the special treatment increases the density of the fabric up to seventy percent, which increases the stiffness of the material, reducing its breathability and has a negative impact on the aesthetic properties of decorative textiles. As for the fabrics of polyester staple fibers, in our time is the most viable option for hotels and restaurants. Flame Retardant, these fibers can provide guests with the necessary safety and benefit savings. Kanecaron and Trevira CS – this is probably the most popular brand in the production of polyester fibers. An important role in the selection of textiles is its light transmission. This requirement is particularly important for the hotel resorts and hotels located in the northern latitudes (eg, in Saint Petersburg and the Scandinavian countries) and proud of its white nights.

Believe me, not everyone will sleep in hotel room, where at night through the curtains shone the sun. Many of the guests during the flight change time zones, and curtains with high light transmission makes them difficult to adapt to the new location. To date, the production of textiles using modern technology black-out, which is a hundred percent polyester fabric with double satin weave, and the so-called core – stranded on both sides bleached black floss thread. This technology serves as a blackout fabrics. On closer examination, this fabric is a bit like a layer cake: white material on both sides with a black base on the cut.

Number layers of acrylic foam determines the type of black-outs, which can be either two-or three-ply. Compared with two-layer, three-ply black-out have higher sound and thermal insulation characteristics. Naturally, he different and higher costs. Speaking of two-layered tissues, it is worth noting their ease. Note that the black-out multi-functional, because it is used and as a lining to the main curtain, and as an independent second curtain. Companies specializing in the production of black-outs, gradually moving away from plain fabrics to designer blackout textiles. That is, provide an opportunity to replace the main curtain stylish black-out. We paid so much attention to the decorative textiles, but do not forget about the tulle. Susceptibility to shrinkage and tissue processing with a special protective coating – these are the basic rules when choosing a tulle for hotels and restaurants. On the one hand, the latter requirement is not mandatory, however treatment tulle fabric coated (for example, coated Scotchguard or Teflon) allows you to protect it from moisture and dirt. What represents a protecting cover? Thanks to this technology around each fiber fabric forms a protective shell, that is no longer tulle attract dust, dirt and absorb moisture. By the way, despite such protection, the fabric is still "breathes"! Will pay attention to the color palette and tulle. The best option for hotels and hotel complexes – it is monophonic tulle without any drawings and ornaments, but if you're on top consider yourself a practical hotelier, then choose the color of tulle, "Champagne."