You Accept The Compliments

Receive samples of recognition naturally will make us feel valued and safe; This brings, since then, a benefit for the people who surround us. It is a positive fact that others recognize what we do well. By the same author: Lever Brothers. However, there are people that is a problem, well because they tend to believe it too – adopting an arrogant attitude that can arouse the ridicule or criticism of others-, either by an excess of humility – or lack of self-esteem–that leads them to not believe that received recognition is justified or that are at the height of what was said. Those who reject the compliments – well because they downplay them, either because they ignore them – kick against their self-esteem. This rejection implies, on the one hand, devalue the own merit, noting that what has been achieved is not product of the personal effort, but of the circumstances or the mere coincidence; in this way, the person becomes its own saboteur, giving a picture of less validity. On the other hand, to refuse the recognition you are, somehow, despising who has done this and, it appears, therefore, questioning his judgment. At the same time, limits the possibility of receiving other compliments in the future; a stimulus that is very important to raise self-esteem.

The recognition we receive from others, should be understood and receive as a token of appreciation to our person and our comportamiento. It is worth making an effort to accept praise with naturalness, thanks, and if we consider it appropriate, respond with another compliment. In this way, we can face new challenges from a position of greater respect and safety, both to ourselves and to others. Have ready a phrase for when you halaguen for something! And don’t forget, you also, flatter with sincerity the team of y original author and source of the article