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“traditional licensing model”. The fight has now probably around and in the ‘cloud’ Finally started. On the one hand, the Internet, and SaS pioneers such as Google and Salesforce, on the other side of the “big players” of the software industry such as Microsoft or SAP. Be it are able to take advantage of its lead in the area of Web-based applications or succeeds another, their market power to use, to regain maybe lost ground? And at the end of course the about crucial question: what is the user? He follows the offers “unplug” or he relies rather on the renowned brands, even if they must first befriend with the theme “from the software to the service” and bring solutions to market? Within the framework of our new section “SaS Forum survey” We invite you, to share your thoughts with us. You will find the current survey right on the homepage of the SaS Forum. To win there is nothing…

except the knowledge how others think about the issues raised. Microsoft Windows azure: “the missing link…” Only with the professional developers Conference (PDC) 2008 in featured Los Angeles new service platform “Azure” cloud computing is so really useful. It claimed at least Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in a customer email: “what’s missing is the ability to connect these components in a seamless continuum of information, communication and computing that isn’t bounded by device or location. (…)” SAP hosting is for sale… The reported heise end October online with reference to matching messages in the Wirtschaftswoche and euro on Sunday. The SAP subsidiary “SAP hosting”, which for the outsourcing and rent software offers business by design of the software group responsible, will be sold along with the computer center in St.

Leon Roth. Way to reduce costs against a background of financial crisis and looming recession according to a recent study the company Gartner expected until 2012 a doubling of the SaS market to worldwide 14.8 billion dollars. Currently even the financial crisis proves to be as market drivers, because more and more companies see according to Gartner in the on-demand model the possibility of their IT spending to reduce. The complete newsletter as well as other interesting information around the topic of software-as-a-service are available in the SaS Forum at. About the SaS Forum, the SaS Forum is an initiative aiming to provide a central information and communication platform specialists and executives in German companies the topic of software-as-a-service available. Since the beginning of the Millennium, the H.K.P CONSULTING GMBH as an independent market observers alternative forms of licensing deals with the topic and conducts regular market studies and surveys on the topic of software-as-a-service and on-demand software for years. The experience gained from these activities are incorporated in the SaS Forum.