Program Legal Police

The formularization of the problem of this research answers the question: in which circumstance the Intranet was inserted in the Legal Police station. Problemaleva in consideration the character to discipline of the institution. As comunicaose manifest in this space, through the new technologies, as the Intranet, esua functionality. The general object of this work is to show to the importance Internal dComunicao for the Public Institutions, as well as its tools, and more necessarily the Intranet. To identify to which the intention of the use and funcionalidadedas information that are available in the Intranet of the Program Legal Police station. The specific objectives demonstrate as odesenvolvimento of the research will be made. Some had been excellent as: to make an analysis doque is the enterprise communication, its area, as they inside divide and the application decade of the institution.

Mostrarquando and as the effectively dasempresas communication passes or to be part. To think as the internal communication is carried through structuralized nasempresas, which are its objectives and intentions. As it develops itself and osmeios that it uses to inside promote the integration of the organizations. To understand the functionality of the Intranet and its canals that are used to paradeixar available the pertinent information to all the employees. Mostraro that is the Intranet and since when it is used for the comoferramenta Legal Police station of communication.

To say on the advent of the Program Legal Police station, its objectives and functionalities. The development of the erotinas police activities of work, since the division of the physical space for the dodesempenho improvement of the employees. To make a rocking of the caused consequences poressa used tool as internal communication in the institutions, avaliandoo performance of the policemen of the program legal Police station. During the project for confection of this work, algumashipteses had been suggested so that to the end of the research they can serconstatadas or not.