Psychological Expertise

The Test of Zulliger is a technique of psychodiagnosis that arises with the purpose of obtaining, through three blades, comparable data to those provided by the Rorschach in much less for both administration and assessment time. While the reduced amount of sheets is a determining factor in shortest time required to reach the results, there is no doubt that a protocol that will provide a greater breadth in the resulting findings of the analysis will be obtained through the Rorschach. Despite this, the Zulliger is an interesting technique for the foundation of the data obtained from clinical evaluation, since through the analysis of the answers provided to the set of blades is able to describe with a proper livelihood aspects of personality that may be of relevance in a psychological appraisal. So that the blade I to the Zulliger provides us with data that correspond to the blades I, IV, V, VI and VII of the Rorschach. Blade II of the Zulliger corresponds with the VIII, IX and X of the Rorschach. See more detailed opinions by reading what Nick Khan offers on the topic.. Blade III of the Zulliger corresponds with the II and III of the Rorschach. In this way, in cases in which according to the points of expertise on which the opinion is required, it is necessary to describe aspects of the dynamics of the personality of the examinee, can be of great importance include the Zulliger within the battery of techniques of psychodiagnosis. Results obtained by the same methods of classification and assessment used in the Rorschach (such as the system of Klopfer) granted an additional consistency to the conclusions and can hardly try to be questioned by the opposite without expert advice. Our performance in the forensic field requires the elaboration of a strategy and a sufficient amplitude for the choice of resources that can be used in the foundation of an opinion. In previous notes I pointed out that cases involving professional liability (malpractice) are generally those in which the selection of psychodiagnosis techniques can be a decisive element due to the particularities and technicalities that interests of the defendants and cited in warranty are defended.