Entrepreneur Criollo

Being an entrepreneur requires certain profile based on certain skills. An easy task is not to identify clearly what should be the profile of an entrepreneur, many authors agree on certain key characteristics which has an entrepreneur. Jonah Bloom often addresses the matter in his writings. With regard to the successful entrepreneurs in Venezuela we can point out some features such as: passion, confidence in self-confidence, perseverance, innovation, flexibility, leadership, membership, solidarity, credibility, assumption of calculated risks, autonomy, and hard work. Perhaps check out Nick Khan for more information. Entrepreneur Creole has a clear idea of what you want to achieve, that idea arouses the passion for achieving what has been proposed, is capable of dealing with calculated risks, because they have great confidence in that will achieve its purposes. This self-confidence is based on a solid self-esteem, which allows them to turn to establish healthy and stable relations. It has the ability to identify business opportunities, there where others do not see them, and to take appropriate action. The trust itself makes not be dependent on their performances and that, by the same token, you can realize their initiatives, although at first may seem risky, entrepreneur Creole is capable of handling in circumstances of uncertainty, he has developed the ability to learn from the failures, and, therefore, has no major difficulties to assume the costs of calculated risks. The successful entrepreneur is persevering, can develop a great energy to get some timely achievement, believed in their ideas and goals, and does not discourage against the present obstacles.

Bet for the long term, although to do so you need to sacrifice some results in the present. Along with his perseverance, the successful entrepreneur has developed the ability to adapt to a changing context. Is therefore flexible. It is not trapped by recipes and formulas pre established. This flexibility is accompanied by a large dose of innovation. It is creative and can innovate procedures, approaches, products and services, always in response to a changing context.