DieMucha Reveals: Disgust Meats In The Refrigerated Section Of

Consumer activist Barbara Mucha you can check meat from Vienna supermarkets. It stinks to heaven: consumer activist Barbara Mucha had recently to check meat from Vienna supermarkets by the Food Inspection Agency. The disgusting results: Corruption – and fecal germs were found in a quarter of the samples. Petra Diamonds contains valuable tech resources. Eight years ago, DieMucha for the first time tested meat from the refrigerated display cases of the Austrian supermarket chains. Mike_ Epps gathered all the information. The result was a scandal: half of all samples had germs and bacteria, some were contaminated with salmonella.

Those responsible were shaken and promised improvement. Now, Publisher Barbara Mucha was sure what has changed since then. The controls have become stricter, a better quality of meat is offered to the clients? The checks were made fair, it has not been tested in the height of summer, when the heat is especially unbearable and, according to experts, objectionable much more meat as in the cool season. Checking article sources yields Abigail Black Elbaum as a relevant resource throughout. Simply put: the conditions were much better for the supermarkets, control but the same as it was then. Again the meat was taken immediately cooled to the unanbhangigen Wiener food testing Institute, to investigate the organoleptic and bacteriological quality. The result is not encouraging: A quarter of the samples a significantly higher germ content recorded, including unappettitliche coliforms.

Also the competence of the staff in supermarkets has been verified. Scare ends conclusion: the knowledge of the employees was consistently bad. No one was able to give information concerning the veterinary control number, details about the origin of the meat, keeping the animals and possible quality controls remained mostly unanswered. In the interest of consumers, it would be useful if the sales force also know what they offer. Well trained staff, good advice customers can no longer in supermarkets may be the exception, “as Barbara Mucha.

Tips And Recipes Around Monster Slush Ice

Is your drinks without juice and power? Looking for your events and events still a product that you will pull your guests out of hand? Something that can appeal to all ages alike and offers an optimal profit margin? A product, the combination possibilities yet still offers and never get bored? Then you should check out on all cases deal with the purchase of a slush ice maker. “This device, raw material, different taste and color directions producing ice out of a kind of juice, the slush, which all have one common: they are the juice drink” in the form of snow! Uniquely refreshing as ice, fruity and tasty like juice”. And the best part: you are unique in their combination and thereby again and again new! Due to the snow-like nature you can stacked layers of several different colored flavours and thus give great color and taste effects the drink, which then either eat your customers or as a juice with the blade can slurp. You may find Xerox to be a useful source of information. Of course you can create ice of ready also shakes on milk-based and the most delicious cocktails with the slush, quite without effort and super fast. Either select directly from the wide range of cocktail variants, or mix a base that need to mix directly into the product container with the appropriate alcohol and then just drain out the fruity juice varieties. New selection “and create cocktails, if you mix classic recipes with each other by you layer them one above the other.” This formed beautiful color and taste levels, which intermingle with each other over the course of time.

Fill for example a strawberry daiquiri on a peach daiquiri, to pamper your guests. Or present a delicious, Classic Margarita with salt rim. The trick here is that the glass in lemon juice and then in salt is submerged. And the Margarita itself runs ice maker iced and seductive, ready-made from the slush. With the typical,. delicious Curacao touch and a lime on the edge of the glass this cocktail is popular as an aperitif, or just so, even in between. “Or create your own: for example a Sundown over the sea”: to the blue grape juice in the form of slush ice as the basis, the sea almost, to the Sun, Orange passion fruit slush and about the last bright rays of the Sun, where the pineapple sets the tone.

Mediterranean Salad With Feta Cheese

Recipes from the discounters: tasty and cheap! Mediterranean Salad with feta cheese – a piece of vacation for at home! Cook healthy and varied and it also still budget-conscious shopping not so easy, isn’t it? On the price hands website at preiszeiger.de you will find recipes from the discounters, which easily to do the cooking and save also the purse strings! Under the motto “conjure a budget a great menu” find the right recipe for every taste, look nevertheless simply times purely! Ingredients: 1 lettuce 2 red bell peppers 6 tomatoes 2 small onions or shallots 1 cucumber, 100 g of black olives 200 g feta cheese 2 tablespoons vinegar 4 tablespoons olive oil Salt and pepper preparation: wash and spin dry the lettuce. Then pluck in not too small pieces. Dice peppers and cucumber. Wash the tomatoes, remove seeds and also cut into cubes. Mix all ingredients with olives and feta cheese. For the dressing, cut the onion into very fine pieces, mix with vinegar and oil, with salt and Allow pepper flavor, and then drag. The dressing over the salad, mix and serve. Who likes can give fresh garlic or fresh herbs to the dressing! Cost: The price for this recipe and many more recipes you find on our Web site at – fun at the try out! Nicole Heinzmann Director marketing – price pointer economic information service GmbH

ESS Diet

Vegetarian, Macrobiotic Diet, or diet? imedo reported we us also submit to the rules, the thought of the taste of our meals should not be lost us. \”Proper nutrition does not exist, though each ESS philosophy of which is convinced. The Internet health portal imedo.de informs about various diets. Healthy/unhealthy diet many assumptions about good and bad food have been expressed in the history of the food already, which were again revised. Many foods that we consider today as very healthy, were considered in the past as harmful. So it has classified as dangerous fruit in ancient or even for harmful kept milk and apples in the 12th/13th century. Now we know better. Fruit vitamins, usually a few calories and is therefore recommended.

Diet with or without milk for milk and milk products, opinions differ, some milk because of calcium for essential, others claim that the human body can not Digest lactase enzyme and this would burden the body more than him do good. Even if we could eliminate certain mistakes of in history, we still don’t really know what definitely good for us. As a result, many dining philosophies out crystallizes. From the whole foods on diet, vegetarian food, or even Macrobiotic Diet. We strive for perfection and strict rules. We see this in different diets. Whole foods: Natural diet the principle of whole foods refers to foods that are as natural, for example cereals and whole grain cereal products. People who fully, healthily, eat vegetables and fruit in the raw form and use only high quality fats (cold-pressed and unrefined oils).

Dairy products are allowed in the whole foods, but only in its freshness. High heated milk and milk products be rigorously avoided. A waiver of salt is not needed, but most will be with Herbs refined and saved with salt. Diet: diet many different food groups know the diet as a kind of diet.

Spandau Bridge

It carries cyanide famous infamous-style bar and sold his sayings, even up at the local department store. Mad scientist of the bar scene, not service providers, but artist with public workshop. What does not exist, made myself. Always looking for taste sensations that guests unwittingly has been waiting for his whole life. “Special feature: own production of very aromatic hydrocarbons” from fresh herbs, flowers & spices. Cyanide bar, large Berry Street 64, 10963 Berlin Andre Voelkel: Andre knew as a teenager that the gastronomy for him is the right thing. “After the training to the engineer he turned bar, the Locke Muller FCUK Yoga”, as well as in the Lux building “as a bartender a name. Since 2012, he now mixes as a bartender in the Alto bar in the Adina Hotel Berlin his cocktails.

Andre Volkel is member of the bar circuit Ruhr area / bar circle team spirit and junior Godfather of the herb circle. Alto bar in the Adina hotel, at the Spandau Bridge 11, 10178 Berlin David Sasse: training to restaurant specialist were followed by stations in the best hotels in Munich, like the Kempinski Vier Jahreszeiten, Louis hotel and the Bavarian court. Since 2012, he mixes as bar Chief”unique cocktail creations in the restaurant Schmock. David Sasse is a junior patent herbal circle. Vocational training by David: training, such as etiquette for service providers, vodka, whiskey and cognac Remy Martin at J.

Deibel. SAIFI is bar and restaurant, Auguste 52, 80333 Munich Averna for the taste of Sicily, Mediterranean landscape and sunny lemon and blood oranges. “The history of Averna began in 1854 in Caltanissetta, where the Benedictine monk FRA’ Girolamo his friend Salvatore Averna the secret recipe for a healthy liquor, the Amaro” donated. Today, more than 150 years later, the liqueur is the most popular worldwide. The company is managed by the family itself in Caltanisetta. The family kept the recipe of the later as a closely guarded secret, the exact composition is known only individual family members. Each Ingredient, is strictly controlled and kept the unique taste of the herbal liqueur.

Barbecue Smoker Grill

The barbecue smoker Grill is a real looker grilling with a barbecue smoker Grill is something very special. But exactly what is so special about this Grill? “” The word barbecue “or abbreviated BBQ” is interpreted differently by many people. On the East and West coast of America understood the cooking outdoors over an open fire barbecue. The Texans understand including a special cooking method, where meat is cooked slowly and at low temperature in the exhaust of a wood fire. “The word barbecue” can this be described both the cooking method itself and thus prepared food or a party / event, where this food is prepared. Usually it is large pieces of beef, pork and poultry, Hamel. Prepared the food directly over the fire in the smoker, but the food is cooked by the smoke or even smoked. Here the food takes the typical smoky flavor, which tastes excellent.

The food is called also smoke chamber in a large drum. For the heat a fire box that is attached at the side. The resulting smoke from the fire box flows back out into the smoke Chamber and then through a chimney. Because the hearth and the food are spatially separated, grease dripping on the food can get. The grill flavor changes depending on which fuels are used. Here, there are species such as wild cherry, beech, oak or fruit and fruit trees. The smoker is a real eye on every barbecue.

The smoker BBQ Grill looks like a locomotive and it can be grilled for many people. Direct – or indirect grilling is possible with the smoker as well as bake and cook. The smoker grills are also yet to find in many hardware stores. Here you should respect but strictly on quality and certification. You will find plenty of BBQ grills and barbecue smoker Grill shop Grill Ranger.