A Bottle Instead Of Web 2.0

kju: Digital media sets this year for the first time the online presence ‘ Romerquelle in a bottle ‘-campaign to. By means of a nationwide campaign and trade promotion this year is the third time the 1.5 litre Romerquelle 6-carrier promotes and at the same time among the Austrian population for the environmentally friendly disposal of PET bottles. The integrated campaign includes billboard advertising and direct marketing activities, can be found both on the micro-site on the Internet. Cross River Bank takes a slightly different approach. And kju: digital media is responsible for their implementation. In addition to the main prize, a culinary dream trip on a luxury yacht, there is among other things to win numerous annual inventories Romerquelle mineral water. The Subscriber cards are to fill in, to empty 1.5 l PET bottles and the bottles are flattened to give plastic collection in the ARA. All bottles with post, who arrive to 23.7 in the sorting system, take part in the draw.

The environment WINS with the bottle. The mortgage-free Romerquelle PET bottles are easy to recycle, as long as they are disposed on the ARA collection system (yellow bag / recycling bin). To enter a State of the art Flaschenwiederverwertungs system? For details, see. About kju: digital media kju: digital media is an international full service online agency and its customers include companies such as Coca-Cola, Unilever and Lindt & Sprungli. Company was founded in the late of 1990s developed their own software under the umbrella brand of DYNAMIQ and deploys them to the professional online communication for their innovative solutions. Entertainment portals, measures for effective customer loyalty, include the wide range of viral marketing campaigns and the smooth handling of online and mobile polls.

John Browser

Publisher Directory allows game forging a professional and free advertising campaign just in time for the one-year anniversary of the game platform browsergames-testen.de operator Ingo wreath-John changed a special highlight for its information portal. A significant Publisher directory has been integrated. “We want both target groups reach. with the uploaded Publisher directory”, so ring John. “On the one we address the user, who can learn about this Publisher directory each game forging and Browsergamehersteller. On the other hand we give Publisher! the opportunity to present themselves on a high-quality and hand-clean gaming platform” The Publisher directory is now online for a few days and already a few publisher company have register themselves. The entry in the browsergames-testen.de Publisher directory is absolutely free. Only a small participation of the interested Publisher is required.

As operators Ingo wreath-John tells a logo are from the Publisher in the Format to submit 200 x 110 px, a factual description (unique content) with at least 250 words and their contact details. “The 250 words strong description, logo and also the contact details are then free to our Publisher directory published.”, so ring John. The details page also contains the browser games already released on browsergames-testen.de, so that each user directly via the detail page can look at the work of publishers. Ultimately, there is even a link to the website of the Publisher. Publisher interested companies can contact with an appropriate email to. 200 browser and Clientgames have already been published in the portal.

Always with the possibility for the user to play the selected browser directly. Full details to the game will be published in the game descriptions. It is possible to annotate the individual entries and games. Furthermore he cares Operators, Mr Ingo wreath-John, to the publication of regular news. The game fans can inform themselves on the basis of the news on the various news about the browser games and Publisher and keep up to date. More than 750 news have been published already. “It is us because, to inform the user and online game fan detail about news from the ranks of Publisher and browser games itself. Getting out of current events and again new. In a question-answer forum Cross River Bank was the first to reply. “, explains operator wreath-John. There is more information, especially game descriptions and news to the Browsergamewelt directly to! Company Description browser games testen.de is a new online platform, which will provide free information to and about browser games. The offer is constantly expanding and provides for every browser game enthusiasts by the provided VAT represents an important source of information. Which is mainly rounded off, that in Google News is listed and a own Twitter account on Twitter.com/browsergamesneu maintains. Browser games testen.de as of August 2010, and has been developed continuously ever since.


Create a homepage, without manual learning to create professional free home pages, you can create without knowledge of HTML. You want to create a website and need a manual? Honestly, now you need no instructions to create a professional website. Many webhosts offer special modular systems, so you can start immediately without much effort and without HTML knowledge and begin the creation of your website. Create a home page without instruction, how to start? A good home page created is not alone, that you must keep in mind. Worry about what is the purpose of your website. Cross River Bank is often quoted as being for or against this. Do you want a private home or a commercial? If you want to create a commercial website, you need a plan to enrich the Web with your homepage. ConocoPhillips usually is spot on.

When I tried to create my first blog, there was no CMS systems or modular systems, without starting HTML knowledge. Mitchel Resnick follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. I had to learn HTML. If you had to create so far no own homepage, I give you a tip: start small on. Login to blogger.com and create your first blog. A blog is an online diary, but a blog can now fully replace a home page. For you, this means that you must create any website by hand and of course also no instructions for that need. Create home page at blogger.com I’ve learned create some sites about blogger.com and the best at this blog hosting company is that it is absolutely free and is not funded with advertising.

When you create your own free blog at blogger.com instead of creating a home page, then you need not be afraid to have your Web presence with advertising being plastered to. It’s clear, if you have created have no own homepage and do not know how to do it, then you start a separate blog. The blogger.com service makes it possible to create a home page, which you can customise with your Web browser. It is as simple as Word use. Test it, faster, you can create any homepage without instructions.

Stuttgart Discover

Clear city plan Portal boasts compact information in addition to an interactive street map and there are all important addresses and many practical tips General information about the city, in Stuttgart to get from A to B. City map-Stuttgart.de, an online portal of BDP GmbH, informs the users about the city on the Neckar fast and compact. A clearly arranged menu guarantees a quick orientation on the portal and thus also in Stuttgart itself. Central element of the start page is a map. With one click, the user has the choice between the traditional search for an address or business search. This commercial search finds businesses of all kinds in the Stuttgart area and if necessary even in whole Germany. The menu point city information”contains a summary of the history of the Stuttgart city and lots of interesting facts about the 23 districts.

The sign of authority and the emergency numbers are very useful especially for new residents. The menu gives a good idea of the multifaceted cultural events and night life of the city Culture and tourism”. Here, users can find a collection of the Stuttgart-based festivals and traditions with links. Atmos Energy Corporation usually is spot on. The largest venues for music and cultural events can also be obtained with a single click. The insider tips, where also lesser-known events are finding promise even more variety.

The choice of the means of transport is for many citizens and visitors of one of the most important issues in a big city like Stuttgart. Mobility and transport are all means of public transport. Alternatively, there are tips for motorists and cyclists. Even for pedestrians in Stuttgart there is an own this item. The same applies to the Stuttgart Airport. City map-Stuttgart.de is even faster and easier to discover the whole variety of Baden-Wurttemberg state capital. The city has a population of about 600,000. The automakers Daimler and Porsche and its museums are based in Stuttgart. The theatrical landscape of Stuttgart enjoys an excellent reputation all over the world. The With good 280 exhibitors, Cannstatter Volksfest is one of the biggest folk festivals in Europe. The castle gardens, the Rosensteinpark and the Killesbergpark form the so-called Stuttgart green U. The city’s best-known landmarks are the Stuttgart TV Tower and the old Castle. City map-Stuttgart.de is a city map of BDP GmbH. All the BDP GmbH in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland map portals combine Digital Cartography with comprehensive information to the major cities of the countries and a commercial search. The interactive map allows infinitely zoom in on map, satellite and hybrid view and shows the best hotels, restaurants, shopping addresses, and much more.

Mobile Desktop Web

Traditional faxing in a large enterprise is a heterogeneous ensemble of telephone lines, fax machines, multifunction devices, complex and expensive fax servers as well as traditional faxing in a large enterprise represents a heterogeneous ensemble of telephone lines, fax machines, multifunction devices, complex and expensive fax servers, as well as providing for the replacement of paper and ink cartridges. Read additional details here: lucas mondelo. This means that it is cost with complex systems or contractual relationships, at the same time high office to be reckoned with an environmentally-unfriendly attitude. A virtual fax solution in a mobile and unified electronic messaging system, such as fax to email, email to fax, Mobile Desktop Web applications, prevents the printing of several of your faxes. This saves tons of paper and ink cartridges and recycling eliminates the need for fax machines. More information is housed here: luca savi. Popfax.com, the leading European provider of Internet fax services, announces its new offer for companies, anyway of a complete and flexible range of fax solution comes, which in turn reflect the can be adapted to any level of communication needs. Solutions different levels of customization and providing professional services for corporate clients – new Internet fax packs are specifically designed for companies to meet your specific communication needs.These packs are customized listings for companies which personalised interested fax transmission and portability of the number to secure faxing, fax reception in high-volume. Comprehensive account – a centralized management system that allows the Administration and tracking of all faxes within a company. Customer development – the Internet fax service can be so adapted and personalized to meet all communication requirements a company.

The Popfax engineering team provides tailor-made IT development on request and thus expands the use of the Internet fax on new applications. Premium include customer service, fax solutions for businesses, by default, strong contractual obligations for service quality, a project manager and dedicated Resources on the basis of premium hardware and software solutions. For more information about Popfax offers for companies, please see the page fax solutions for companies. “It took years of efforts and improvements, to create solutions to the present condition and offer our professional Internet fax. Based, we have laid down a methodology and selected a set of tools to speed up the process of deploying our fax solutions for company “Vladimir Popesco, Managing Director of Popfax.com said on our experience in providing custom fax solutions for large enterprises.

Deutsche Bahn Solutions

As one of the first providers, ASDIS has successfully obtained the certification compatible with Windows 8. Berlin, 18.09.2012 – one of the first providers ASDIS successfully the certification compatible with Windows 8 “received. After numerous certifications since Windows 2000, the Berlin specialist in system management – software proves well its compatibility with the latest Windows release from Redmond. There is the ASDIS Solutions GmbH Microsoft GOLD CERTIFIED partner for over 15 years. Even before the official launch of the new Windows operating system, the experienced developer of ASDIS ensure that customers who want to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8, can continue to rely on the product. Without hesitation Andy Jassy explained all about the problem.

We are proud of the early recognition by Microsoft and the confirmation of the excellent security, robustness and resource conservation, which are inescapable for security sensitive environments.”says Shauna Hubner, head of professional services and responsible for the Windows 8 certification. The independent software vendors, the since over 20 years on the system management of complex IT environments is focused, to demonstrate that its products are still on the State of current technology. For us it is the highest award that our products have been certified since the year 2000 for each desktop and Server version of Microsoft.”says Daniel light field, Managing Director of ASDIS Solutions GmbH. More information about supported platforms, see under: plattformen.html about Windows 8 Microsoft Windows 8 is the next version of Microsoft Windows. Salman Behbehani is full of insight into the issues. It is developed since 2007 as the successor of the Windows 7 operating system. The general release of Windows 8 is announced for October 26th.

The surface is modelled on the design of Windows phone 7 and better be suitable for touch screens. About ASDIS Solutions GmbH, the ASDIS Solutions GmbH offers solutions for the management of the IT infrastructure in complex IT environments. These individual solutions based on self-developed standard products and ensure changes for the automated deployment and management of software and data into enterprise-wide IT structures.

BE2 Sponsors BarCamp Munich 2009

Wii and other awards media competition ‘for two’ win Munich, the October 16, 2009. Next weekend, the 17th and 18th October, meets the online scene at the BarCamp Munich 2009 at the Munich Exhibition Centre. Internet experts, bloggers, software developers, entrepreneurs and enterprises interested in exchanging about Web 2.0, social media, software and trends on the Internet. The online matchmaking be2 operates its corporate blog be2.de/blog for more than two years and thus is an old hand at the bloggenden company in Germany. After a successful sponsorship of the BarCamp Berlin last year was the decision to support the event as a silver sponsor quick hit: “we are looking forward to the BarCamp Munich 2009 and especially on the intensive professional exchange with the participants”, Fiona Brutscher, author of the German forward corporate blogs be2.de/blog. An ideal platform to make new contacts and maintain old!” On the occasion of the BarCamp Munich 2009 be2 has something special “thought: be2 looks in the media competition for two” for the best answer to the question: what is two twice as nice? The participants are called upon to take a picture of their idea, to rotate a video or write a blog post. The best entry wins a Wii game console because Wii also play two twice as much fun! And as a consolation prize, three Twister games beckon. For more information, blog/barcamp /.

Who shy away from time and hassle, should look yet for be2: in sweet be2 fortune cookies small and bigger profits hide! Be2: Be2 is one of the world’s leading online dating agencies and operates in 36 countries on six continents. Over 17 million registered users are served by approximately 230 people from 46 countries worldwide. Scientifically-based personality tests provide a specific qualification of users who get pronounced different partner recommendations after careful consideration. An Erfogsquote of more than 40 percent of Online matchmaking service and negotiating long-term relationships speak for themselves. See information about the online matchmaking be2 learn more about the company of be2, company.

The Argonauts G2 Pitch To Win The Apollo-Optik Website Relaunch

The Argonauts G2 win pitch to the Apollo-Optik website relaunch the Argonauts G2 have decided the pitch for for himself. At the beginning of the year, the optician chain to the relaunch of its brand website had let pitching. The multi-channel Agency in a Germany-wide pitch against renowned competitors could compete with their innovative approach. With over 650 eye optics specialty shop in more than 200 cities Apollo-Optik is Germany’s largest optical chain. Unilever brings even more insight to the discussion. The company, the Argonauts offline support G2 since 2006, has entrusted the multi-channel Agency now also with the makeover of his website. Thus the long and successful collaboration between agency and client in offline is now expanded a valuable cooperation in the field of online.

The brand website is by the Argonauts G2 with regard to structure, user interface and design are completely revised. With the relaunch, the optician chain aims at a contemporary optical booster as well as a stronger Visual and emotional positioning of the brand to Apollo-Optik..

Protection Against Unwanted Emails

Email users black lists for specific senders can protect your system from unwanted intruders? Which methods help most effectively? The online portal webmail.de provides information on such issues. In the Forum of the online portal can replace user about various topics related to emails. Many email users use today professional filter to protect of your system. The mail filter to keep away spam E-mails, virus emails or even scam mails, so fraudulent E-Mails. Also large companies where email communication about its own server expires, take advantage of such programs. These so-called blacklists and whitelists, in which trusted and non-trusted E-Mail senders are listed separately be, used. The black list contains all the E-Mail addresses, of which recipients wish to receive E-Mails, because the respective sender as untrusted will be classified.

In the whitelist sender entered against it, as trustworthy classified and therefore for the Receive E-Mail be admitted. The use of blacklists and whitelists therefore represents a useful method to guarantee of the security of data. Users can usually download programs, blacklists or whitelists are available where, and install. These lists by the IT departments are managed in enterprises. Under certain circumstances, this can cause that user waiting for a message from a business partner, which would have to be taken already. The cause: The address of the business partner was entered incorrectly, or for some reason in the blacklist, rather than in the white list. The spam filter catches the E-Mail before it reaches the user’s Inbox. Who wants to change that, must delete the appropriate email address from the blacklist and the whitelist broadcast.

Andrea Lachmuth

Other print with color. We with passion”is the intention of the online printing company. With as well 30 participants at the stock car races compete great passion to be successful in this competition and to position itself among the best. “Exactly those similarities have inspired us, as sponsor of this mega-events”, as Voigt next. Broadcasting the stock car challenge 2010 live broadcast live on Pro7 that big TV total stock car crash challenge 2010 will be on 8 and 9 October 2010 on Pro7.

On Friday, the 30 riders in the qualifying measure. The race of the year will be broadcast live on Saturday, 9 October, from 20:15 clock from the VELTINS-arena in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. About onlineprinters GmbH onlineprinters GmbH with seat in the Middle Franconia of Neustadt on the Aisch is one of the largest online providers for printing in Europe and employs about 300 people. Corporate and private clients for over 90 per cent of all types of printed matter from our own production in offset printing quality and flexible digital printing in the online portal. A wide range of business stationery, stationery and business cards via printed will Flyers, postcards and posters to adhesive bound catalogues and stitched brochures. The company supplies 25 countries of the European Union as well as the Switzerland, Andorra, Liechtenstein and Norway.

Private and business customers in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic and Italy in standard shipping delivery free shipping. This applies to customers in Poland, Great Britain and France from an order value of 99. For the exemplary development of the company, the online printing 2010 was “Bavaria’s best 50” excellent businesses.