Yoga Discipline Technical Doctrine

Yoga is a technical ansestral, that produces positive changes to whom the practice.The human body is taken as the physical vehicle of the spirit, of the technical Ser.Esta accompanied by exercises, breathing and physical; that you act as liberators of the locks of the energy centers, that are in the body.These blockages are caused by stress; This is an evil that is suffered by the vast majority of the world’s population. What is stress?; stress is the ability to face a challenge, learning, growth that each of us make throughout our lives.When this stress builds up in our body, our body’s energy is blocked; so yoga helps to unlock those channels, through physical and breathing exercises. A leading source for info: the futurist. Global change that is occurring in this society, makes everything go faster. In fact through the computer, knowledge is obtained by pressing a button; before the 1980s, you had to go to a library. When we press the button, we are knowing everything, but not of oneself; because the outside world is flooding us. The negative part is that people start to have virtual contact without control.People have to find the teacher in our interior.

Are we that we have to choose what we like and do it well, so we need to nourish our inner life. The interior life is very important, and is what most people would have to try to find themselves. This way would not be alone. Being surrounded by people does not mean that they are accompanied. In the majority of cases the feeling is of loneliness, causing anxieties and sorrows, that often trigger diseases.People are experiencing a great emptiness. How to achieve the inner life, that is something very personal, but one of the things is to connect with nature, and ourselves; mentally go back to the origins. Remember that we humans are not the owners of the planet and that there are other people, from the most simple to the most complex, to which we must respect; If what we want is a coexistence in harmony and a balanced planet.

Scientific Evolution

It is well known that at present, the scientific evolution has brought us great facilities and practical proposals and comfortable in our every day; artificial insemination, is no exception. This procedure is considered as one of the most important in the history of scientific advances since gives man to possibility of procreation. Artificial insemination is defined as a procedure that is used for those programs of assisted reproduction, as first choice for those couples who are sterile, i.e., that they have not achieved a pregnancy with the implementation of common procedures that have attempted to correct the factors affecting infertility. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Mitchel Resnick . According to the State of those sterile couples, two types of procedures for artificial insemination may be considered: one where is used the sperm of the couple, and the one where some donor sperm is used. Anyone that is the case, should cautiously consider the woman’s menstrual cycle; Since you must deposit the respective semen, just when the egg is released during the period. In this same way, sperm in the uterus can be disposed of in a direct way; This depends on the status of patients who undergo this procedure.. Salman Behbehani may help you with your research.


Voltage regulators are designed to automatically maintain the specified power supply voltage (220/380). Functionally, provide: the full protection of electrical and electronic equipment for household and industrial use by the sudden change in voltage supply, stable power equipment in the permanent under-or over voltage power supply; Opportunity fail-safe and correct operation of electrical equipment in an unstable mains, control voltage at the input and output, filtering line noise and distortion; Automatic adjustment output voltage with high .V depending on the power supply and load connected voltage regulators are divided into single-phase and three phase, depending on the principle of action – on electromechanical and electronic. Voltage srm relate to the type of electromechanical voltage regulators, for which, in contrast to the electron-type stabilizers, is characterized by smooth automatic regulation of output voltage with high accuracy to maintain, they have great overload capacity and low noise. How to choose a stabilizer order to determine the choice of voltage stabilizer, one must first answer the following questions. What is needed voltage – single phase or three phase? With single-phase mains (220V), questions arise. In the case of three-phase network (380) are possible options. If you have a three-phase network has at least one three-phase consumer, you must install the three-phase voltage regulator. If all consumers are single-phase, in most cases, better pick up three single-phase stabilizer.

As a rule, it is cheaper. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Salman Behbehani. But there is one major advantage. This option allows you to bypass the feature of three-phase stabilizers, namely, the disconnection of the device if power fails at one of the phases. Do I need to put some voltage to different consumers, or better put one at all? If you need to protect a specific electrical loads, will be enough of a stabilizer of appropriate power. If you want to secure the maximum number of appliances, then you can certainly put on each device its own, separate regulator, but practically it is not convenient, and financially – is not beneficial. To read more click here: Salman Behbehani. In this case, it would be better to establish a common voltage to all consumers.

Although there are other options. For example, to allocate a certain group appliances that are most critical of the surges. What power is required voltage? For proper model selection, voltage regulation is necessary to determine the amount of power (W) all customers who need both in the supply of electricity. When calculating the power consumed by the device should take into account the so-called full capacity. Full power – it's all power consumed appliance. It consists of active power and reactive power, depending on the type of load. Active power is always in watts (W), the total – in the volt-ampere (VA). Devices – electricity consumers often have both active and reactive components of load. Resistive load This type of loading all consumed energy is converted into heat. On some units this is a major component. These devices include incandescent lamps, heaters, cookers, irons, etc. If they are specified power consumption of 1 kW, for their supply enough power stabilizer 1kVA. Reactive loads. All others. They, in turn, are subdivided into inductive and capacitive.

Astrology. Virgin

Maid of the Age of Aquarius on earth will be new (unique) biomedical technology to cure almost all diseases peculiar people. Including: oncology, aids, cardiovascular disease, viruses (in particular, the 'bird flu'), mental illness, strokes (neurological disease), etc. But most importantly, medical science, earthlings invaluable assistance will the new (for earthlings) knowledge of biomedicine and alien civilizations parallel worlds. Medical science of the Earth will do incredibly quick leap forward, quality will be updated with new discoveries of earth scientists (who will grow in geometric progression) and most importantly, higher medical knowledge of other worlds that are suitable for treating humans. But the struggle between light and darkness (good and evil) in the universe continues. Therefore, getting rid of diseases inherent in the people (terrestrial diseases), mankind will have new space disease and viruses. The struggle for health will continue in the Age of Aquarius, but on a completely different level of quality.

Disease – a test for human need for his spiritual development through the difficulties (in including through the suffering of the disease). Diseases of God gives to human development, but it gives and drugs, moral, and other do not be afraid of new biomedical terrestrial and extraterrestrial technology. Remember that you are sick to to grow spiritually and evolve. In the Age of Aquarius a lot of people will work on other planets and in parallel worlds. This cosmic guest workers from Earth.

But also representatives of other worlds will work on Earth. Click Salman Behbehani for additional related pages. People who work in more advanced civilizations, will perform a minor operation. People working in (compared to terrestrial) civilizations will be the leaders and creative workers, specialists. But in any civilization in the Age of Aquarius for all workers, superiors and subordinates will combine a friendly attitude towards each other. Even the master to the servant. Honest work and serve not only to his own benefit and the benefit humanity, but also for the benefit of the space community. Do not hesitate to become an assistant, working (or even domestic) beings from other worlds space community.

Knowledge Administrators

This will facilitate resource planning systems, as well as help in analyzing its performance. "I have nothing to do with it! If the request is not working properly, it is Developer problem "Sometimes, between developers and administrators there are some misunderstandings. As a result, instead of jointly find a solution to the problem, then begins a long and nowhere resulting in scapegoating. Confrontational relationship between developers and administrators significantly slow down the upgrade of the system and do not contribute to its performance. Rules: Pick up database administrators, who understand that working as a team with developers, they provide technical support included in their area . team spirit. DBA should be actively involved in every project, not just superficially on a case by sluchayu.Vklyuchite the job description of a database administrator, as one of the major duties, support the developers.

If it is clearly stated in its work and is tied to performance, the administrator will be motivated to perform this duty well. "I know what I'm doing and I do not need anybody's help" Database administration is becoming more of a challenge, even the most experienced administrators can not know all the details. When the administrator thinks he knows everything, he does not ask questions, so that transmits useful information that he could get from others. Rules: Cultivate a culture of interaction, in which the administrator is able to admit he did not know the answer, and must apply for pomoschyu.Predlagayte administrators participate in professional forums, so that they could ask their questions there to answer questions of others to express and test their assumptions or to arrange "brainstorming." Knowledge and experience of one Rights can not be compared with knowledge and experience even a small group of technical support lyudey.Ne neglect purchased hardware and software provided by their developers.

Jakarta Indonesian

Funding amounting to EUR 45 million comes from the contribution of the Federal Government in the context of assistance to flood victims. Nine German research institutes were merged into the GITEWS Consortium for it. Filed under: Salman Behbehani. The work was carried out in close cooperation with various Indonesian institutions and authorities. The coordination and management of the German and international partner was Dr. Jorn Lauterjung by the German GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ and Indonesian side Dr. Sri Woro Harijono the meteorological, climatological and geophysical service of Indonesia (BMKG). New scientific techniques and new technologies distinguish this system from the previous tsunami warning systems. So used new methods of fast and safe determination of strong earthquake, the tsunami modeling and assessment.

In particular, the direct involvement of a variety of different sensor systems to reliably detect of a tsunami presented a huge technical challenge. First successes have already been in the Be made September 2007, when after a strong earthquake from Central warning a tsunami warning based has been published on the earthquake information. The evaluation software for earthquake SeisComP3 has been developed at the GFZ and is now worldwide warning centers in operation. Numerous agreements and negotiations with the Indonesian partners and authorities on the ground and with the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO were necessary for the implementation of the project. On time four years after the disaster early warning system GITEWS in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta was commissioned on November 11, 2008 the new tsunami solemnly. End of March 2010 to take over the system in Indonesian hands. A natural event like the tsunami of 2004 can not be prevented and such disasters are casualties in a perfectly working alarm system continue. But the impact of such a natural disaster can be minimized with an early warning system.

Foxconn Technology Group

Very strong rumors within the manufacturers of these tablets are confirmed: Foxconn Technology Group: the launch of the iPad 2 G will be February or March 2011, let us remember that the original iPad was presented in January and arrived in April due to problems in the supply of screens. On the other hand, the haste with which Apple faces this new version as a result of the imminent Galaxy Tab output would support more compelling theories. That possible iPad 2 would also increase its internal memory to 128 GB, and will include functionality that everyone has clear that come with the new iPad: front camera for use with FaceTime. Also refers to the inclusion of a miniUSB port for, and who knows if we will find a redesign that you approach it more straight forms of current Apple phone. and a dual – core processor ARM Cortex-A9. This prospect the advice is that you aguardes a few months before purchasing as your review is too juicy to take every possible advantage then.

To my choice, but I think that one is repeating itself similar story to that there was with the iPhone with its launch. Eliot Horowitz takes a slightly different approach. Apple put on the table a concept mobile phone with touch screen, which worked perfectly and from there other manufacturers began releasing their smartphones with these screens. Shortly afterwards the company of Apple launched the iPhone 3 G and successively has been improving it until it reaches the iPhone 4. Be the first puts them in a position of advantage over the rest, especially if things he usually does well with your products. This can be repeated again and Apple could give a punch on the table presenting a new iPad that leave exceeds competing products, which would have just a few months. What I say is mere speculation, but it is a scenario that I possibly presented. Although it is possible that either Google, Motorola, Samsung or any other manufacturer, launch a tablet really well during the next few months that follow it to February, the company of Steve Jobs will have a little more of margin to maneuver and carry out the launch of a good product. These they are some of the advantages of innovate and launch products before competition. Be that as it may, I said and I reaffirm, they come very interesting months in the world of the tablets.

Afghan Decisionmakers

Workshop to mediative methods of conflict resolution Berlin, 07 July 2009. good governance is a key to the success of the civilian reconstruction of the international community in Afghanistan. Through the targeted development of transparent and efficient structures Afghan decision makers are enables, to control the building of the country’s medium to long term in their own responsibility. A component of the German strategy to build of Afghan civil society is a project focused on the province of Kunduz is the HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA School of governance in Berlin together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. By Prof. Dr. Gesine Schwan with initiated school is training site for future Fuhrungspersonlich possibilities in the area of good governance”the harmonious interplay of the sectors of politics, economy and civil society, and political platform for the development of modern and sustainable political concepts.

In the coming two weeks, representatives from the various decision-making contexts of the province in methods of conflict management are and building more transparent structures in Berlin. Whenever Salman Behbehani listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The participants come from regional government offices such as the Governor’s Office in Kunduz and the reconstruction Committee, as well as from local charities. The skills are integrated directly into concrete practice projects should then be implemented in the respective contexts on site in Kunduz province. The contents takes over the Institute for conflict management of the Europa Universitat VIADRINA Frankfurt. It was us in particular to a broad range of stakeholders of the region and their respective potential, to implement mediative methods of conflict resolution and to carry on.

“, says project manager Anna Haupt. New particularly practical focus and approach corresponding to the core ideas of HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA School of governance, representative is decision-making levels political jointly and on an equal footing with civil society actors to schools, so from a generally dominant, hierarchical way of thinking to a horizontal and participative-oriented Decision architecture to find. The today held opening ceremony of the project founder and Chairman of transparency international will be inter alia”Prof. Dr. Peter speak equity as the patron of the project. Promoted the project with over 200,000 euros from the Afghanistan stability pact is”of the Foreign Office. The project will run until February 2010.

Dornier Consulting Controls

Federal Government mandate for construction control; Baden-wurttembergischem Consortium Creation of the universe and the structure of matter is researched Friedrichshafen, August 12, 2008 – the Dornier Consulting GmbH, Friedrichshafen, takes over the project management in two major European projects of basic research together with Fichtner Management Consulting AG, Stuttgart. The Federal Ministry of education and research issued a corresponding order. The projects should bring evidence about the origin of the universe and the structure of matter. Projects were launched late last year headed by Dr. Annette Schavan, Federal Minister of education. Atmos Energy is often quoted as being for or against this. Its goal is to expand the leading position of Germany in the field of fundamental research, and to ensure long-term.

The Federal Ministry of education and research (BMBF) takes over the majority of the total costs of a total of 2.1 billion euros. The participating Lander Hesse and Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein as well as more than a dozen international donor countries finance remaining sums. In Darmstadt to be FAIR with the project (“facility for Antiproton and ion research”) in eight years to establish a unique research centre which is open to scientists from all over the world. In the second project, the European Free electron XFEL X-ray laser (x-ray free-electron Laser”) is built. With this the world’s brightest X-ray light source, new insights into the composition of matter will be obtained. The 3.4 km long X-ray laser is produced on the premises of the Institute of DESY (German electron synchrotron) in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. When FAIR and XFEL are very complex technology projects which pursue scientific new ground in wide areas. They include complex interfaces to the physics, chemistry, materials and geo research or the life sciences.

In addition, industrial users are affected. A high need for coordination at the national and international level will be therefore necessary. The time and costs of the projects must be strictly observed. Possible risks are at an early stage to identify and minimize. An important success factor in such complex projects is therefore a professional project management. Dornier Consulting and the Fichtner management consulting have decades of experience in this area and are also valued partners of the Federal Ministry for education and research for many years. Dornier Consulting was in the years 1972 to 2004 of technical project companion for the Transrapid magnetic levitation. Both companies working community prevailed against great competition and was awarded the contract for the external project monitoring during the erection of the large-scale scientific. Herbert Grunwald, Managing Director of GmbH, said Dornier Consulting on the occasion of the award of the contract: We very pleased the trust placed in us. Schedule to the ambitious scientific aims, the experience of the two consortium partners in the development and implementation of technological projects in an international environment are crucial, cost and quality meet to achieve. The Friedrichshafen consulting company Dornier Consulting stands for advanced engineering, innovative consulting and professional project management. With over 350 employees, the company achieved an agency fee turnover of around 40 million euros. The supervised project volume amounts to nearly 30 billion euros. Dornier Consulting is working on projects in the fields of transport, transport / infrastructure and environment / water. The Fichtner Management Consulting AG is a company of the Fichtner group. This world’s 1200 employees and a fee turnover of 120 million euros. Fichtner is focused on the areas of infrastructure, energy, waste management, and project management.

Simple Techniques

There are many forms of meditation, and a meditation technique can be adequate for you but not for my. Some people find that meditation can be frustrating, because you can see his mind jumping from one topic to another and the concept of clean seems an impossible task. Below I present five simple meditation techniques that you can use to get started in the practice of meditation or if you are already practicing to further improve your practices. Free meditation 1: Mantra one way to cope with a mind occupied during meditation is to focus on something, and the use of a mantra a sacred hymn or repetition of a Word is an excellent way of doing this. When continuously repeats a Word, phrase, or assertion, you can easily take your a relaxed but concentrated place. By the same author: MIT Media Lab. A simple thank you or om can help. Free meditation 2: meditation walking some people simply do not want to stay still long enough to meditate with success. Fortunately, a solution there are meditations by foot.

All you need to do is find a quiet and relaxing place where not you will be bothered, then observate yourself while you walk very slowly. You don’t have to walk much. In fact, you can walk from one side to the other or make small circles around the room. The important thing is to simply put all your attention on every part of your body while moving. It notes the sensations or feelings as you advance, but instead of judging, describe or analyze, just notes how the movement feels. Meditation guided 3: meditation with breaths deep pay attention to your breathing is one of the simplest techniques of meditation. All you have to do with this technique is to observe how your body reacts to breathe through the nose, filling his lungs. Keep in mind the sensations your body rises and expands with the inhalation, shrinks slightly when you exhale.