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Merging voice and data changed requirements for pabxs Walldorf, the 04th June 2013 – a recent study by the market research and consulting firm PAC (Pierre Audoin consultants) indicates that adapt the requirements, business telephone systems, in have changed considerably. In addition to flexibility, above all the opportunity to lead the business processes and the communication processes together, stands tall in the course. According to the ecenta AG the investigation confirmed the trend, further dissolve the boundaries between IT and telecommunications. Details can be found by clicking Xcel Energy or emailing the administrator. For the company from Walldorf, also increasing demand for IP-based communications platforms is a reliable indicator of this development. “According to the study by three-quarters of the decision-makers of the telephony consider not more than one of the IT isolated task. The need to bring together both worlds, is increasingly recognized and also in attack. But many companies are facing great challenges”, explains Joachim Schellenberg, Manager Business development at ecenta. The software and consulting company specializes in solutions of SAP AG.

Include in particular SAP CRM, SAP NetWeaver products as well as HANA and mobile SAP solutions, SAP business communications management (SAP BCM). Frost & Sullivan awarded BCM North American Frost & Sullivan customer value enhancement award before a few weeks SAP the 2012. The consultancy highlighted in particular the all-in-one character of the software. “The lack of flexibility and the missing features of existing PBXs are one reason for the sometimes very slow merging of IT and telecommunications. Around 60 percent of respondents see deficiencies in their current, conventional PBX’s here. Also basic mistakes are made according to experience in many projects often already at the beginning.” Joachim Schellenberg advises therefore, prior to the introduction of a new solution no matter whether from the cloud as a conventional PBX or purely software based on the servers of the companies to determine the exact needs and the existing systems comprehensive planning involving.